Learn what #ProvingIt means to the best golfers in the world.

Brittany Lincicome

“For me, proving it is just trying my best. We’re out there week-in and week-out trying to do our best, and with this ball, it really helps me get the job done.”

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Danielle Kang

“When you have higher goals, bigger atmosphere, bigger stage — its more grand — and you feel that you have to prove yourself even more. But the proof is the process on the way to the finish line.”

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Jessica Korda

“Proving it means that I show up every single day and put in 110% out there. Having a golf ball that I can rely on is one of the most important things to me that gives me confidence going into the week. Not only do I need to prove it, I need my golf ball to prove it as well.”

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Lydia Ko

“Proving to myself that I can do it and I deserve to be in the position, which kind of translates to confidence. And even though we only have 14 clubs in the bag, I think the most important is the 15th club, which is confidence.”

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Marina Alex

“Sticking to the process every single day is how I prove it. Getting up in the morning and making a really healthy breakfast, getting to the golf course and working on all the drill I need to do: putting, short game, long game, getting in the gym to see my trainer. You have to do it every single day..."

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We're all playing this game with an eye toward getting better. Setting new goals. Trying new drills. Just like new Pro V1 and Pro V1x, we're striving for constant improvement and we're always Proving It. Just like you.