Dr. Morris Pickens

For twenty years running, Dr. Mo has been recognized by Golf Digest and other major publications as one of the premier sport psychologists in the game. His practice is based at the world-class golf training facility in Sea Island, GA.

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Dr. Morris M. Pickens, a Sports Psychologist and Performance Enhancement Specialist, has been a part of the team at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center since 2005. Listed by Golf Digest as #4 in the Top 10 Golf Psychologists, his PGA client list is headed by Zach Johnson, winner of the 2007 Masters and 2015 British Open.  He has helped players win 4 major championships (Lucas Glover, 2009 US Open and Stewart Cink, 2009 British Open), 29 PGA Tour events, two NCAA championships and has had 6 players reach #1 in the World Amateur or Junior Rankings. In addition to golf, Dr. Mo has helped professional athletes in NASCAR, the NFL, and Major League Baseball and college athletes in almost every sport.  Dr. Mo has published three books on the psychology of golf: Learn To Win: One Shot at a Time, Learn To Win: A Major, and The Winning Way in Golf and Life 

Put simply, Dr Mo helps players learn how to score better by thinking better. He does this by counseling them on how to improve their:
a) on-course thinking processes; b) preparation and practice and;
c) off-course foundational skills. Dr Mo uses this approach whether students are high school players or seasoned veterans on the PGA Tour and his excellent communication skills allow students of all ages to apply the principles he teaches.

In addition to coaching athletes, Dr. Mo has been sought out for performance advice by a wide variety of corporations including Thornburg Investment Management, RSM, Janney Capital Markets, Vertex Standard, Ash Brokerage, Milliken, Kylin Management, and Coburn Ventures. 

To learn more about Dr. Mo, visit www.drmolearntowin.com, and follow him on Instagram and Linked In.

"Golf is about one thing: Managing your thinking to manage the ball to shoot the lowest score possible that day."

- Dr. Mo Pickens