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Titleist National Fitting Centre


The ultimate personal fitting experience conducted at the state-of-the-art Titleist National Fitting Centre located at Eagles Nest Golf Club in Maple, Ontario, Canada. Our expert team is equipped with a Trackman launch monitor, the most expansive Titleist shaft and head matrix in Canada, along with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The Titleist National Fitting Centre offers serious golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to lower their scores by optimizing the fit and performance of their golf equipment. Visitors receive the Titleist Fitting Experts full attention during their session in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

“The Titleist Fitting Expert that I worked with was quick to assess my game and made recommendations that were right on the mark. The trackman results were used to confirm what I was able to see and feel with every shot.” –Neil (Mississauga, ON)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the season with my new clubs. I hit the ball with more confidence and consistency. I would strongly recommend the Titleist National Fitting Centre who is serious about golf.” –Robert (Toronto, ON)

“I was fit for a driver on my most recent visit and am now experiencing more consistent drives down the middle.” –John (Brooklin, ON)

“My game improved after being stagnant for about ten years!” –Saleem (Toronto, ON)

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Driver/ Long Game Fittings

Driver/ Long Game Fittings

  • All models and lofts available
  • Over 300 shaft choices in various flexes and lengths
  • Industry-standard Trackman™ ball flight monitor
  • SureFit® Tour system to optimize loft and lie angles

Price: $100 | Call usBook Online

Iron/Short Game Fittings

Iron/Short Game Fittings

  • All models available
  • Premium practice tee to analyze ball flights & turf interaction
  • Long-, mid-, short-iron, and wedge options for proper set composition
  • TrackMan™ to precisely measure performance & gapping

Price: $100 | Call us | Book Online

Vokey Wedge Fittings

Vokey Wedge Fittings

  • Every Vokey wedge option
  • Test from both turf & sand conditions
  • Assessment of swing type (Slider, Neutral or Digger)
  • Interchangeable SureFit® Tour wedge system
  • TrackMan™ to precisely measure yardage gaps
  • Extensive options to evaluate optimal transition to wedges

Price: $100 | Call us | Book Online

Full Bag Fittings

Full Bag Fittings

This two hour comprehensive fitting session optimizes each golf club in your bag ensuring that you are set up for success in all areas of your golf game.

Price: $200 | Call us | Book Online

Titleist Custom Golf Club Options

Titleist offers an extensive selection of shafts, grips, specifications and other customization options to help you perform to your potential.

View the Custom Options Book Shaft Performance Guide