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By Stuart B

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  1. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    It’s getting close the dreaded 50, end of May, and my family are asking for ideas for a holiday destination that will allow both the guys to golf and the girls to shop or what ever they do.

    Anybody got a recommendation? Ideally in Europe and warm?


  2. Quinta Do Lago in Portugal has all that you have described and I have personally had many good family and golfing holidays in the same location. Also shopping and spa's for the ladies!!
  3. Southern Portugal in May is excellent, though you are at the end of the "winter" season. The green fee prices actually go down in June.
    There is a range of potential locations stretching away from Faro airport only limited by activities for the ladies and the amount you are prepared to spend. Vilamoura, Albufuera, Quinta do Lago are all decent.
  4. Have you considered Dubai? More expensive but what an experience? Perfect for shopping, great weather and amazing courses
  5. Good call - You certainly couldn't be accused of scrimping if you went for Dubai!!
  6. Tosh.


    Yeh can’t go wrong with Portugal it has plenty areas to choose from.......
  7. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Would love Dubai but family said no, have been lucky enough to try Portugal for my 40th so might offer that up, I’m sure I will end up where ever I am told to go.

    Thanks for your inputs.

  8. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    Another advocate for Quinta - fantastic destination and golf facilities to match, enjoy!
  9. Is that a dedicated golf resort?

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