Specific Shaft Tipping for driver

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By blacktitleistguy

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  1. blacktitleistguy

    Los Angeles, CA

    Hello. I am going to install a surefit driver adapter on Graphite Design Tour Ad Di 6X shaft to play at 45" installed in a TS3 head. I was wondering when this shaft is factory installed if there is any standard tipping (and what amount) for this specific shaft, weight and flex. Tour AD DI 6X.


  2. Not sure about the tipping (sorry) but playing TS3 at 45’ will change the swingweight. May need to swap in an extra 2g SureFit weight, hot melt or use lead tape to bring the head weight up.
  3. Sure, if you think your clubhead speed is too high, add weight to you club head. Please understand that Swingweight is nonsense.

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