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Time for a Custom Club to be Made?

Thomas L

Ordered a hybrid club over three weeks ago. How long does it take to have 1/2 taken off a club? Seems a bit long to me......

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  1. Gaaary

    Hi Thomas,
    That does seem a long time unless the shaft you ordered is out of stock.
    Maybe's contact who you ordered it through as to see what the hold up is ? It only took mine 9 days to come from ordering it and that was with an exotic shaft.

  2. David

    they should be there soon, last month I ordered my irons a 1/2 inch longer and they took about 3 weeks to show up...I think it just depends how busy they are at the factory
  3. Don O

    Under normal conditions it takes 6-10 business days from the time Titleist gets the order until it gets to you - depending on your distance from Carlsbad, CA. My AP3s came on that schedule but an 818 H1 took over 3 weeks. Demand has apparently been outstripping supply for the 818's and there have been delays. You can have your dealer check whether it is a backlog or an out of stock component.
  4. Jerry M

    Ordered 818H1's over 4 weeks ago. I have yet to receive them. I was told it was on back order because of the high demand.
  5. Tom J

    I ordered a set of T-MB with the only customisation being 2° flat and they could take up to a month due to a shortage of stock LZ shafts.
  6. Chuck Z

    I would recommend going to the whoever ordered you club and have them check on it. They can run a tracer and found out about the delay.

    Normal turn around from west coast to east coast is 10 business days if everything is in stock, from the time the order is received.
  7. Thomas L

    On week 4 and still no sign of club......
  8. Karissa T

    I got fitted for my 818 H1 hybrids about a week ago, and I received both of them today. On the other hand, my 718 AP1's are back ordered and I was told they possibly won't arrive until December 15th due to the shaft I picked not being in stock.. Hoping your clubs arrive soon!
  9. Amanda S

    I’m also waiting on a 3-wood. Hopefully soon.

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