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Titleist History

David C

Guys, while you are on this website take time to read on the history of Titleist. Today was the first time I have ever read that page. Could you imagine playing golf with those golf balls that had an oblong center. Very interesting stuff. I would be interested to know if anyone knows if there is a comprehensive book, article, anything on all of the golf clubs that Titleist has ever made. I have been on the previous models page a bunch. What I am talking about is stories and history of each set. I have many of the older sets and would be very interested to get something like that. Anyone out there ever come across such a thing!

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  1. Rick V., Team Titleist Staff

    David, unfortunately we do not have one comprehensive volume that details every Titleist club we've ever made . However, we're always looking for ideas for stories that we can bring to life and this would certainly be a fun one to pursue. We'll reach out to the Club team and kick some ideas around. Thanks!

  2. Ralph C

    A history of the balls would be pretty cool, too.
    You could include ones like the Green Ray, etc. Just a suggestion, but, as many of the older ones are collectible (I just recently sold some on eBay), something comprehensive like specifications, production volume, construction, special or tour editions, etc., might become a valuable resource, as well as a way to further garner interest in the Titleist brand.
  3. Sam K

    Love the history! The story behind Titleist is a huge part of the value for me.

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