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AVX availability

Guy O

To those in the know...will the AVX be made available country wide after the PGA Show? Really looking forward to trying it out in the spring here in the Northeast!!

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  1. Barry B

    I guess all of us not living in or visiting FL, AZ or CA over the next few months will have to wait until after February to find out the answer.
  2. Mr. Phine

    I played the AVX ball for a few rounds and in my opinion its in between the NXTs and the ProV1s so it should directly compete with the Chromesofts. It has nice distance, but I didn’t think it checked up well compared to ProV1s. I’m betting these will be released next Spring as it fits an empty space in Titleist ball lineup and hopefully they price these wisely
  3. larry m

    I hope they come available in Ohio come spring. Plan on this being my new ball.
  4. greg p

    It is a market test. Low compression/high spin seems to be quite popular now. I'd imagine that if the response is good, we may see something soon.

    They are already showing up on eBay at inflated prices. Consider adding them to your Christmas list and maybe someone will surprise you.

    P.S. I'm excited by the yellow urethane.
  5. Ryan W

    Yesterday a gentleman who works at Golf Headquarters came into where I work and said these balls will be hitting their shelves for sale in 2 weeks...right before the holidays :) Same price point as the Pro V series per dozen as we all know.
  6. Edgar L

    Just located the AVX at VAN’S GOLF here in Tucson. I was told they have the distance of the Pro V1x and the softness of the Pro V1. Same price as both. I got them and will begin trying them out tomorrow

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