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915 D2 Head Weight

Can the head weight be changed on the 915 D2 Driver? I shortened the shaft and would like to reweight the head. I can use lead tape but wondering...

Club Fitting

Titleist Thursday

Well I booked in for a fitting on May 4. Can't wait, looking forward to it have heard a lot of good things about the...

Club Fitting

AP1 for a high HCP

I am getting back into the game; played last year but before that had been away for ten years. Currently, I’m playing to a...

Club Fitting

Just had a good time

Had a rep out at our club today so I booked a 30min slot for the sake of it. My driver is all out of sorts so I wasn't...

Club Fitting

Scotty fitting

Interested in picking up my 1st Scotty Putter. Want to make sure it's going to fit my game if I fork over that kind of...

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