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917 Metals Feedback

Have you tested or been fit for new 917 Metals yet?  We want to hear your feedback.What did you think of the overall sound, feel and ball...

Club Fitting

915 swing weight

I recently added 1 inch to my driver. The swing weight is now D7. In order to get the weight back to D4 would I use heavier...

Golf Balls

Prototype test

Recently switched to cally Chrome Soft from ProV1x. Had good results with the Chrome Soft, but just played 2 rounds with the...

Golf Balls

Test balls

I love the balls that I got. It felt like a pro v1 but maybe a little softer which would be great for my game. It was very...

Golf Balls

Test Golf Balls

Received my test golf balls with the red #1. Assuming they are proto type Pro V1x which is the ball that I use, it made for...

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