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adjusting to senior golf

After I hit 65 there was a definite loss of club head speed. My D2 910 Diamana 65 S no longer suits my reduced club head speed. Should I reshaft and...

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So I can't stay away from the range and at least hit a few drives with my new 917 D3. I sneak out at the range at lunch...

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Titleist irons

So after a brief stint with miz, I decided to come back to Titleist. My question is how long does it take Titleist to ship...

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915F 7 wood

I got fitted for new AP1 16 irons ( graphite ) love them. Also at same time got fitted for the 915F 7 wood. It was to...

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910 D3 to 915 D3

I recently purchased a 915 D3 to replace my 910 D3. However, I am not in love with the new shaft. Can I put the shaft that is...

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Delivery Dates

Hi Titleist! I ordered the new 917D3 driver a little over a week ago. How long am I looking at before it ships to the store...

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Should I upgrade?

I am currently gaming AP1 714's and really like them, my whole bag is Titleist I am still a mid to high handicapper, but...

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