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917 Driver Headcover

Does anyone know the type of head cover coming with the 917? I've seen a few pictures, one with the leather, the other with the standard cover we...

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Seems like people have this driver why can't I get it I have been asking for quite awhile.getting no answers to any...

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Spec'd Head Weight

So I bought a used set of 710 cb's to build. I was weighing the heads (after disassembly) and noticed the head weights...

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Shaft for ap2 irons

I swing between 72 to 76 mph with a 7 iron, i am an inch over and 4 degrees upright, what shaft should i consider and...

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915 vs 917

What is the major difference between the 915 and the 917? I know about the new CG technology, but what makes it so great?...

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Lost club

I have lost a ap1 712 7 iron, which was a custom order from Titleist. Can I order a Replacement?

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917 Line of Shafts

Have the new lineup of PX HZRDUS shafts (Black, Yellow, Red) been tested and approved for the 917 line yet? I have been...

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AP2 716

The golf season is coming to an end in Wisconsin fairly soon. This was an exceptionally exciting golf season for me due to...

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