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Test balls

I received a two ball sleeve of test balls right after I had some surgery and was unable to test them until today. I don't still have the e-mail...

Golf Balls

Early Christmas!

Living outside of Cleveland, it's hard to get excited about playing golf when the wind chill is 9 degrees and schools are...

Golf Balls


Had the pleasure of trying new AVX Golf ball. Really impressed! I have played both ProV1 and V1x. The AVX is pure. Great feel...

Golf Balls

Pro V 1 LS

I just heard that a new ProV 1 has or will be launched called the LS. I understand it's a softer version of the ProV...

Golf Balls

AVX Balls in MI

I was at a golf shop in West Michigan and found out they carry the AVX ball. I thought that they only were in a small test...

Golf Balls

ProV1 vs. ProV1x

Hi my name is Nicholas Luchetta and I am 15, I play off a 1 handicap. I've been playing the ProV1x my whole life...

Golf Balls

Golf Ball Timeline

Greetings Team Titleist! I posted these photos in Dale V's posting about the origin of "DT", as well as in...

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