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Pink prov1

Saw that they are doing a limited edition of the pink proV. Is there a reason it's just the number? Had some a few years back with the lettering...

Golf Balls

Wow !!

I just received my 2017 Pro V1x order through the Loyalty Rewarded Program. The time from order to delivery was 7 days! ...

Golf Balls

MY PRO V1 Question

I saw this week the play pink number is an option in the MY PRO V1. It got me thinking if we could choose any color and any...

Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Yellow

I have placed my order for the Loyalty Program. Pro V1x is my preferred ball of choice, and my fitting data can back that up....

Golf Balls

Double Eagle

I had my first Double Eagle on Saturday, I was playing Pro V1, it was on the first hole of Reese Golf Course in Lubbock, TX....

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