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Switch from V1X to new V1?

Hearing several friends who are switching from the V1X to V1 with the new models. Curious to know if that switch is happening more widespread across...

Ball Fitting

Ball fitting results

I've never had a ball fitting but I'm planning on doing it in March. Just wondering what is entailed and what results...

Ball Fitting

2017 ProV1x Distance

I was wondering which golf ball goes further. 2017 ProV1 or 2017 ProV1x. I would like to get as much distance as I can off...

Ball Fitting

Switch from V1 to X

I'm curious whether anyone that played the ProV (prior generation) has been fitted for the new ProV balls and if they...

Ball Fitting

DT TruSoft

Been playing the ProV1x but decided to try the DT TruSoft and I think the folks at Titleist have designed a real winner for...

Ball Fitting

New Pro V 1 test balls

This is a long but factual experience. I got my test balls about 2 months ago. Finally had a chance to put them to the...

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