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Winter Golf Trips

Hi everyone,  I hope everyone had a fun-filled 2016 golf season.  It looks like the season is pretty much over for us...


Team Titleist metal bag tag

I got a tweet from titleist.com today a general sign up for team Titleist. My question is are you giving out TT bag tags now...


Mackenzie Hughes Win!

Who managed to catch some of the RSM Classic coverage this weekend? How about Dundas, Ontario's, Mackenzie Hughes...


Another All Titleist Bag!

Like Darius posted awhile back....I am now proud to say that all my equipment is Titleist! I just put the last SM6 wedge...


My Pro V1/Pro V1x

Hi everyone! Well, this past week on the West Coast saw a fair bit of rain, cloud and cooler temperatures (6-8 Celsius) with...


Your Favourite Golf Gadget ?

It is one thing to have great equipment to play with and I am so thankful I adopted the Titleist line. Having been fit for my...

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