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Vokey Design Wedges

AP1 shafts

Just took delivery of AP716 (4-PW)with XP95 S300 shafts and loving them. My questions are if I was to invest in vokey wedges...

Vokey Design Wedges

Got my first Vokey!

Bday present to myself!!! Got a new 50 degree SM6 Tour Chrome! Really excited and wanted to say thanks to Titleist for the...

Vokey Design Wedges

re: Grinds

Kind of confused on the grinds. Looking to get a 50 and 54 degree. I would like to use them both to take full swings with--...

Vokey Design Wedges


I know it's a personal preference but I got 3 new Vokey wedges 2 months ago and debating whether to get them stamped or...

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