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Golf Tips

Aerated Greens

At my round a few days ago I had my best driving and iron game of my life. The club was aerating the greens that day and my...

Golf Tips

Hands are sweaty

Hi I was just wondering how other people were keeping there hands dry. I don't use a glove since they always get holes.

Golf Tips

too excited

I have read some tips where they say you should take some time and enjoy your good shots. I go overboard and have a tendency,...

Golf Tips

Grip Change

My swing grip is solid, but I took some extra time to review my putting grip and found that it was far from what it should...

Golf Tips


Hey guys, i play every saturday in a competition, and nearly everybody can hit it further than me, I'm just wondering,...

Golf Tips

Fitness to be the Best

Hey guys! I was just wondering about a workout program (not one of those like 5 things and you're done) for golf...

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