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By AMartin

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  1. I've been playing Vokey wedges for years and while I think I'm playing the correct ones for my game, I'd like to make sure. Let me know your thoughts...

    Current lineup: SM6 58 with 12 degrees of bounce; SM6 54 with 12 degrees of bounce; SM6 50 with 8 degrees of bounce.

    My game: I use the 58 everywhere around the greens (chipping, bunkers, etc). I can flight it down and run it or open it up for higher trajectory. I find myself chipping mostly from tight lies, so I don't try to play a lot of flop shots. The 54 and 50 degree wedges are used from the fairways on full or 3/4 shots.

    Going to have to upgrade the set soon (grooves are worn) and I'm wondering if I would benefit from more bounce in the 58 and less bounce in the 54. Thoughts?

  2. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    As you said, playing SM6's, those groves have to be shot.. Just get fit and end all doubt! Good Luck!
  3. Get the SM7s and get fit for them. This action made a big difference in my game.
  4. Garry B

    Garry B
    Houston, TX

    Several years ago I had a complete fitting…all clubs except the putter. The package cost included wedge fitting but I told the fitter I did not need that as I had just bought my Vokeys several months earlier. He said you’ve already paid for it so you might as well hit a few with your current wedges. I did and they were decent shots. He handed me a wedge and said hit this. It was like a hot knife through butter. I could not believe how much better it was and I asked him why. He said your wedges have the least amount of bounce Vokey makes and, with your swing, you need as much bounce as you can get. I ended up buying a new 56 and 60, both with the maximum bounce.

    I was under the impression I needed the least amount of bounce and was very wrong so, as Todd T. suggested, getting fitted is the best way to know.

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