SM-7 56 degree but can’t decide on Grind- S or M

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By Joseph P

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  1. Help me decide folks. Yes I’ve completely exhausted any Grind video both on YouTube and Titleist channels. Yes I,ve watched Voke talking with dozens of players getting fit. Yes I’ve read the fitting guides from Titleist and it will be between these two. Yes I’ve exhausted reading about my style of steep decent/ big divot and understand turf density being firm to soft depending on course. I carry an honest 11-12 handicap. Yes I know a fitting would tell me best.

    Background......replacing my SM-6 56/12 F grind, already have 48-F, 52-F

    Will also be ordering a SM-7 D grind to replace SM-6 60 S grind for better help around greens and bunkers, got to hit one and loved it at my Titleist Thursday fitting for driver.

    I need experience stories for helping me decide. Am leaning S, but love the similarity of M to the D.

    Thanx in advance!

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    How comfortable/successful are you with opening the face in a bunker? The S is more for those of us that don't/can't go full open face. I'm sure I read that somewhere under Vokey wedges to distinguish S and M. Having scored one of the slots for the Vokey experience, I'm hoping finally to learn enough about wedges to know why they fitted me to various grinds.
  3. Thanks for the response Don!

    I'm very comfortable adjusting the club face, in fact that's what lead me to loving the D grind so much for my coming new 60 degree.

    My current 60 is an S and while it's fine around the greens on square shots, I find it a little tricky when I open the face especially in the bunker.

    Do you think the M would handle that better in the 56?
  4. Not sure why Don, I posted a lengthy response that same day to you, but it never posted!
  5. Anyone have any experience??? :)
  6. Bax


    I went through the same thing. I decided on the S with my 54, because I hit full shots from around 85 yards with a square face. I do pitch with it quite a bit with a slight open face once in a while. I can also open the face out of the bunker with its 10 degree bounce and make it work really well.

    I use my 58 L for my chipping and around the green, I love it, open, close, name it, it fits my shallow swing.

    I did a lot of experimenting with these grinds, I wanted to like the M, but just didn’t work for me. I look at them this way, S for square, M for manipulate and L for love. Ha
  7. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Like Don said.. S-tricker plays mostly with a square face on his wedges... The M-ost used is like the jack of all trades, from closed to square to open! But go to a fitter and try them all.. Are you a digger or sweeper, what turf conditions do you play in!
  8. I think you answered your own question. Get fitted. That being said, I would put more importance on bounce rather than grind.
  9. I think you answered your own question. Get fitted. That being said, I would put more importance on bounce rather than grind.
  10. So, I have SM7's in the following grinds

    52 F
    56 S
    60 M

    The S grind allows enough opening of the face to play bunkers well, but still allows full shots from turf well. It's all personal preference at the end of the day but I'd go S.
  11. Steve M

    Steve M
    Berea, OH

    Suggest you look to your own experience. How well have you been playing with the present SM6-56/12 F? What improvement do you expect from S or M grind? You might be best off with what you are used to, especially if you're trying a new grind for your 60 degree. Usually it is better to change one thing at a time. Wedges are your feel & scoring clubs so best solution would be to go somewhere that you can try each of them off the turf - tape over the markings, then pick the one that feels best in your hand.
  12. Rich T

    Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

    I have the F, S and M grind wedges and love them all for my game and what I specifically try to do with each wedge.

    My 52.08 F grind is generally used for full shots from the fairway. For me, the F grind is a great transition from my AP2s -- it sets up nice and square for those full shots with the bounce needed so you aren't afraid to take a divot. I will also use it for longer pitch and runs green side from short grass areas.

    I went with the 56.10 S grind because I use the wedge a LOT from the fairway from 100 yards and in with both full and partial shots. At the same time, the S grind still allows me to open it and play green side shots with confidence. The versatility of the S is fantastic.

    I prefer the M grind in the 60* because I play that wedge open more often than not and love the way it sets down tight to the ground. I rarely hit more than 3/4 shots from the fairway with the 60*. Short sided bunker shots are great.

    How do YOU plan to use them? What types of shots will you rely on each wedge for (mostly)?

    Vokey 52.08 F grind - KBS 610 Wedge 120
    Vokey 56.10 S grind - KBS 610 Wedge 120
    Vokey 60.08 M grind - KBS Hi Rev

    -Rich T
  13. Joseph,

    I currently use the SM6 56*/10* bounce with the S grind. I like to use a regular, square swing with my wedges as opposed to getting too cute with opening the face since I don't have a place to practice these type of shots. According to the web-site, the S grind is for players that like square faced shots. Fairways and greens.

    Mark F
  14. CrazyGolfNut

    omaha, NE

    I like the M grind the best. I use it in everything type of lie and sand. I have problems trying to open the face with a S grind.
  15. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    I have liked M grind for ages. I do open face shots. I had a 54-10S and its limitation was bunker shots; good for pitching and chipping. 58-08M or 56-08M have worked and you can hit them in hard sand or soft sand.
  16. Let me start out with a question. Why do you want to change from the 56/12 F? The answer to that question could help us give you more advice.
    I personally have the following SM7 wedges: 50/08F, 54/08M(bent to 55), 60/12D. I like to open the club face on a lot of shots so that's why I went with the M & D grinds. I really like the setup I have but what works for me might not work for you.
  17. Thnx all for your excellent thoughts and responses, so helpful!

    I’ll try and cover some multiple areas many of you asked or commented on......

    I’m changing grinds mainly because I’d simply didn’t have as much consistency with my 56/60 and felt I tended to hit less square shots around the greens. Full shots were ok, touchy feely, not so much. Because I’m a feel player I realized I’d open the face when needed for flighting the ball down and using spin to check up, but got less consistency from what seemed to be a change on my leading edge, resulting in some less than desirable results, either 20% mores chunks or blades. Same on some of my bunker shots with my current 60/S grind, dug too deep maybe 30% of the time. Realize some of that is technic, but my short game has always been a weapon for me and so I’m looking for some help from my clubs, including confidence. Vokey fitting videos also contributed heavily to hear the man himself speak on letting the club do the work based on your game.

    I’m also looking to see if the improved COG on the SM7 will help with better pure shots when struck well, again for better flighting choices. Roll outs vs check-ups get decided depending on the course I’m on.

    Anyway, I’ve ordered the 56/M and the 60/D and their on there way so can’t wait to tested. I’m keeping my SM6’s in case I’m not liking the new. Can’t wait for some decent weather, we just experienced the epic Bomb Cyclone snow storm here in Colorado Springs and it dumped 4-5 ft drifts everywhere.

    Thanks again for the response from the community, so grateful

    I’ll give an update when I get them!

  18. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    A 56.10* S grind is a excellent all purpose wedge.
  19. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    I used M grinds when they had 10 degrees of bounce. When they changed to 8 degrees I went to S grind. I play on Bermuda grass and you have to be careful manipulating the face with the tight lies and tough roughs here in FL. I got fit for mine and couldn't be happier. 54 and 58 S grinds.

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