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By Daniel T

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  1. Hey Everyone - Purchasing my first set of Vokeys after getting fitted for AP2's. Super excited to get these in my bag to finish off this amazing set. I went to my local golf store and took a look at the finishes before ordering but got mixed reviews from all the employees there. Hoping to get your opinions and reviews - What is the best finish for the SM7's people are seeing / personal experiences.

    Thanks all!

  2. Daniel,

    I selected the raw SM7 finish for my new wedges having gone for the jet black in my previous SM5's. If you dont mind the dull and slightly rusty look of the raw after you have used them I would go for raw. They do feel nicer to play with but if you like you clubs in the bag to look shiny and spotless go for another finish.
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  3. kaizen10366

    Olympia, WA

    Daniel, I just got two new wedges in the black finish, and I can say in-hand, they look amazing, and I am excited to see how they wear. I like clubs much more once they look experienced (e.g., missing finish on corners and leading edges, a little rust, etc.). This is the first go with black wedges, so I am excited. In the past I have owned a SM6 in raw, which ages very well. I’ve also owned TVD wedges in the chrome and - I think it’s called - tour satin and both were a little too shiny for my liking on sunny days. I hope that helps in your decision. Good luck with the decision!

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