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By Drew D

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  1. Drew D

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    I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of black clubs, but these things are ridiculously good looking. I don’t have any yet...maybe next season. Was just wondering opinions of any TT’s out there that are currently gaming these. Likes? Dislikes?

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    They look awesome but when I had my fitting a few weeks ago I decided to go with the chrome just because they look the same as my irons.

    I'm kind of sorry I didn't opt for them now but it's only a small thing really.
  3. Rob V
    Indio, CA

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    I recently traded in my SM7 chrome wedges for SM7 jet black wedges (52, 56, and 60). I really like the wedges and love the jet black. they are just sick. I find the SM7's to be a little bit softer feeling than the SM6's. You will love them.

    Rob V
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    Go for it Drew! Picked up a set (52, 56 & 60 degrees) a couple of weeks ago. The look great behind ball and inspire a lot of confidence approaching the green. Strongly recommend a fitting at one of the Titleist Days to optimize the specifications to your swing.
  5. Kyle J

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    The SM7’s jet black are sharp looking wedges! Have had them for a little over a month and love them, all blacked out looks awesome, and they perform very well like the SM6’s.
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    Yea the jet black are so sleek looking wish it was an option for us left handed guys!
    Lafayette, LA

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    Jet Blacks may have me moving from my Raw SM6's. Always love the darker wedges!

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