SM6 Raw Finish

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By Rex S

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    I have been using the SM6 wedges for over a year. The Jet Black finish has faded considerably so I decided to strip it off. Dropped them in vinegar and water for a couple of hours and the black finish scrubbed right off. Raw wedges now.

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  2. Sam K
    Upstate SC

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    Very nice! Will you oil to prevent rust, or just let them go?
  3. Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

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    They look great! I always love the raw wedges.
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    I like the rust look. I don't want to oil anything other than my oilcan putter. If I need too then I can clean them up with the vinegar solution again.
  5. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    Polish it after you removed the jet black.
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    Those look AWESOME.
  7. Titleist_AU_Fan
    Warsaw, IN

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    Wow. Those look gorgeous!
  8. RRomanowicz
    New Bedford, Massachusetts

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    my raw blacks came out like this after vinegar soak, then hit it with a scotch pad, after a few months it is now a bit rusty, love the look
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