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By Dave B

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  1. Dave B
    Montrose, CO

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    Does the black finish on SM 6 wedges rust over time like the raw black on SM 5 or the old oil can finish?

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    Yes the black finish on the SM6 wedges will fade and rust over time. I have had mine for over a year and the black has faded quite a bit and there is some rusting which I like. You can also use solvents to strip off the finish and leave a raw wedge too.
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    Dipping in vinegar for a few hours or overnight removes the raw black from SM5 and sm6 wedges.
  4. David T
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

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    Also a soak in CLR and a little scrubbing with a Scotchbrite pad works as well
  5. david s
    South Wales

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    Cola seems to work well on the old oil can finish wedges, really strips the finish if left soaking overnight!

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