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By ALipiska

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    grabbed a new sm6 the other day and the 3rd round hitting my new wedge I spun back my second shot over 3ft into the cup for an awesome eagle! I NEVER SPIN THE BALL BACK! the reaction was almost Jordan Spieth like at the travelers championship! Who else can relate to this result!?

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    Get your GROOVE on! There's nothing like some fresh grooves...
  3. Sam K
    Upstate SC

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    My SM6's rip the ball back in comparison to my old C-land's. I love knowing they will stop on a dime. Big time confidence boost! Congrats on a stellar eagle!!!


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    Can't relate, my vokey wedges are way past their prime. lol. But it's good to hear that they are working for you as intended, congrats on the eagle! #TT, #vokeywedges.
  5. augusto r
    ewa beach, HI

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    The grooves are sharp and brand new wedges,congrats
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    I love my SM6 because I can attack the flag with confidence knowing that it is going to stick. Best set of wedges I have ever owned. That had to be a thrill, watching that eagle roll in, congrats, and hopefully many more successful shots to come!
  7. Liam T
    Dunwoody, Georgia

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    Great Job! I love my sm6's!
  8. JAM

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    My TVD wedges are six years old. I have been waiting for the next generation. I have a 52, 56 and 60 degree. My grooves have had it. Any word when, or if, the next generation of TVD wedges will be offered?
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    I had the exact same experience with my new SM6! The control I get is so much better compared to my previous C-lands. I see someone else feels the same way - so I wonder: WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!?

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