Titleist TSi Drivers and Fairways

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By Brazeley

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  1. It looks like all the details are coming out at 2pm GMT.

    So looking forward to this as all the tour players and rumours make me want one already !!!

    Anyone else looking forward to this release.

  2. Tosh.


    Yeh I’m gona call the course I got fitted last time and see if there having any fitting days soon......
  3. Brazeley,
    Golf Monthly & Michael Newton have reviews out on drivers & fairways....
  4. I have watched TXG, Peter Finch, Mark Crossfield (all the guys are really like) and having just got back from a fitting at St Ives can say this driver is illegit!
  5. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Now they the hype is out there and we all want to get or hands on the new drivers and fairways.

    What sort of Gain off the Tee or yardage from the fairway makes you put the new gear in the bag?

    Is it because it’s new it’s a “ Must have “ or do you wanna see 5/10/15 yards difference from the TS2/3 or 917 products your playing still?

    My opinion is if I gain a clubs length or more it could be worth spending a lot of money on,

    What are your thoughts?


  6. I went into the fitting with the view that we wanted to try the latest driver but since I am gaming the TS3 I did not expect to see any real gains - maybe 2-4 yards. However came out with 13-14 yrds more, a better flight due to less spin and smaller dispersion.

    Was not planning on it but now saving for one !
  7. Simon,
    Think I'll be looking at the fairways (I don't currently carry any).
    Since lockdown, I've not hit a driver on the course, favouring my U500 which is vastly more accurate.
    I can spray my driver all over the county, given the right conditions.
    There are only a few holes on my home course where I need extra length (over and above the U500) so I'm going to see if I can bridge the gap with a fairway. If it works, my TS3 driver will be consigned to the spares bag.
    Have to say, I was better off with a persimmon driver or the old steel shaft drivers. Driver heads have become bigger and shafts have become longer while I've not got any taller...
  8. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    I also prefer the feel and sound of my old persimmons. I still like to play 'em every once in awhile.

    Post Image
  9. Deno,
    Now that's a thing of beauty and a joy to see.
    I once had a "blond" persimmon driver but eventually it cracked across the neck and became a paperweight.
    They make most modern clubs look truly ugly (are you listening png??)
    I can understand why you take them to from time to time - it'd be a shame not to....
  10. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    As you say we all like to have the new shiny new stuff, but like many the cost of clubs these days is prohibitive and therefore gains have to be significant and reason for change quantified.

    Question is what would 5/10/15 yards further off the tee mean for you. obviously shorter clubs for the next shot, but is it reducing your handicap, eliminating the second shot club you hate or just being past your mates?

    After my fitting yesterday I'll buy when the money becomes available as the gains in distance and dispersion over my 917 were there and this will bring more par 4's into range of my preferred clubs as my main goal is to lower my handicap even though I'm well into my back 9.

  11. Scott D

    Scott D

    Simon the pro at our course was fitted last month for the TSi3 and saw a gain of 17 yds. Same shaft in his old TS3 went into the new TSi3 so the gain must be the club head. Demo what beautiful looking clubs.
  12. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    I game aTS3 and have had mixed results. Often I find myself going back to my 983K, I just prefer the look of the smaller head and so my confidence is higher. Would love to try TS4 but pretty sure I done have the swing for it.

    Hopefully a fitting for the new lineup soon although my wife states no more new bats, thank goodness we call them clubs
  13. Tosh.


    £519 for the driver and £279 for the woods......that’s my mind made up.......my ts2 and 917 3 wood are just fine.
  14. Tosh.


    £519 for the driver and £279 for the woods......that’s my mind made up.......my ts2 and 917 3 wood are just fine.

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