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By TMartin

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  1. Hello Everyone, has anyone got any recommendations for a push trolley that fits well with the Titleist Tour bag? Looking for the main brands really to make purchasing and finding one easier.

    Can’t find any threads with good answers. Not looking to swap bag for a cart bag or midsize as I like the look and use ability of the tour bag, plus I want the push trolley for exercise (so not electric!). Thanks in advance

  2. Tosh.


    I use the stewart rs1 push trolley and it’s fantastic bud......Very well built and folds down nice and compact into a bag. You get a wee choice of different colours to match your bag aswell.
  3. Cheers, seen a review for the R1 that stated it fits but really hard to find any information across the internet about compatibility with push trolleys in general.
  4. Paul Y

    Paul Y

    I haven't got the Tour Bag but happy to vouch for the Stewart push trolley (my Sta Dry bag fits fine)
    Trolley is sturdy and far more robust than previous Powakaddy models I've used. Admittedly a little heavier but folds down well and I'm hoping (& believe) it will last for many years
  5. Jerome C

    Jerome C
    London Ontario Canada

    Cligear is an great product made in Canada extremely robust .
    I used an cart bag on mine but I have seen others use tour bags.
  6. KMikkelsen


    Agree with the Stewart golf r1 push trolley. Fits well and easy acess to all pockets. Still have it, but also use the MGI zip x series electric trolley. Same fit

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