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By Brazeley

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  1. Looking for some advice / options. I currently have a Scotty Cameron Phantom 6 STR (centre shafted version) which I think is the best putter I have owned - absolutely love it. The putter has been murdered out (all black) which looks great, however I really dont like yellow headcover that came with it and cant find any nice replacements (in the UK).

    Scotty has a US Flag Straight shaft headcover which looks great but that is only though the Cameron Customs programme so cant even buy one and get it shipped (even before thinking of the cost)

    Anyone have any ideas on nice centre shafted headcovers?

  2. James,
    I've got a Special Select Flowback 5.5 which is a small mallet. It comes with a blade-style head cover in bright red. This was a beggar to get on and off and in truth, is not very secure.
    As I'm carrying until at least spring, I didn't want to leave my Scotty head cover in the middle of some distant fairway and have to get another. If a cover falls off when you are on the trolley, at least you might see it fall and you have a sporting chance of retrieving it.
    Happy to be a little more incognito, I bought a generic small mallet head cover in black (Big Teeth) from eBay at £12. It's a more appropriate style, a good fit with a magnetic clasp and can be turned inside out to dry the fluffy interior. If you don't mind a generic cover from China, these are fine. There are loads of similar generic covers out there on eBay.
  3. Thanks for the advise - will take a look. I did look on Ebay but did not see any I like.

    I also thought of having a custom one done if all else fails.
  4. Try GlamGolf for custom head overs. They do some great work.
  5. Brochblue72

    Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

    Unfortunately you are extremely limited to what you will get due to the centre shaft. Scotty does very limited covers in mallet heads and even less with CS setup. I had a look on for you but even they had nothing in stock.
    May be worth trying Scott Redman
    Good luck in the hunt.
  6. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Try this guy he custom makes headcovers and I recently purchased one as a 60th birthday present and quality is good.

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