Anyone tried TourSpeed yet?

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  1. Have seen the adverts but not the product yet... Anyone seen them? Anyone tried them? What did you feel/think/find? JT

  2. Watch Rick Shiels review on YouTube. Pretty disappointing by all accounts.
  3. Alex,
    I generally find Rick disappointing.... Oh, have I got the wrong end of the stick???
  4. ASheppard

    Worthing UK

    I got mine online they are fantastic and gives me more distance and control than the Pro V1x. The only downside is they scuff very easy
  5. AS
    Thanks for the response and your insight.
    I regularly use ForeGolf in Chester as my practice range - a great facility and a Titleist Advanced Fitting Centre - and they have them in now. Have picked up a box and will give them a whirl later this week. Will look out for the scuffing - Just hope I can keep them in play long enough to draw a conclusion!
  6. Tosh.


    Let us know yer thoughts JT.
  7. Tosh,
    Will report back shortly....
  8. richbow9


    ASheppard said:

    I got mine online they are fantastic and gives me more distance and control than the Pro V1x. The only downside is they scuff very easy

    Haven’t tried the Tour Speed but I’ve also found that the Tour Soft are very easily scuffed
  9. ASheppard

    Worthing UK

    I have now gone back to Titleist Pro V1x’s as they are not durable enough for me due to the scuffing
  10. James Harris

    James Harris
    Brentwood, Essex

    I have tried them and thought they were pretty good. However they are only slightly cheaper than Pro V1 (£35/doz compared to £41/doz) at my local retailer so I think I will probably stay with the Pro V1.

    The Tour Soft are still my favourite alternative and at a good price point.
  11. Simon Worsfold

    Simon Worsfold

    Not tried them yet, would find it very difficult to swap from my Pro V.

    I sure there is benefits for every golfer in the ball.

    Happy to post some feed back if I get my hands on one.
  12. All,
    Well, I bought some and tried them out. Played a couple of rounds with them on parkland courses at the start of UK autumn. Though not necessarily a strictly scientific approach, this is what I found.
    OFF THE TEE - Strongest element for this ball. Good trajectory, good distance, decent control. Granted the fairways are slowing up but the ball was impressive. Felt good off the club face and the sound was a very satisfying muted click that impressed my playing partners.
    IRONS - Same good sound. Ran on a yard or two more than expected on hitting the green from the fairway yet off a peg, on short holes, I thought I'd nailed some very close only to find them short.
    WEDGES - Sounded a bit harsher and lacked the feel of my preferred TourSoft.
    PUTTER - OK, again sounded a bit clicky and was not what I'd call my lucky ball. Good roll but firmer than I like.
    OVERALL - Some scuffing (as mentioned in the thread) was experienced but nothing too dramatic. I've just had my lie & loft checked and cleaned my grooves up so I put it down to that. Overall, a good product that could suit many, though the price point might deter a wider audience. Not sure where it fits in the Titleist pantheon of golf balls. I'll be sticking with Velocity in winter and AVX/TourSoft in summer, mainly because I have stocks but I wouldn't put anyone off trying TourSpeed.
    PS-Such was my diligence to testing, I can assure anyone interested that it bounces off trees pretty well. I checked this point two or three times just to be certain and can confirm the fortuitous outcome.
    PPS- While testing at West Derby, a fox "stole" one of the balls of our 4-ball. I can report it left my Titleist well alone and took off into the undergrowth with a cally. Not sure what that proves, if anything.
  13. Denis C

    Denis C

    Good review, lots of useful information.
    Havent had an opportunity to try them yet.
    What's the cover like and how does it feel, look compared to AVX/TourSoft or V1x?
  14. Denis,
    The cover didn't seem to be as bright as Velocity, more akin to the colour of ProV1. You can mark the cover with your thumbnail (if you are so inclined!) so it's not as hard as some covers. The feel, in my view, was better on irons than in short game situations. I thought the ball was OK... but prefer the AVX and TourSoft as better all-round balls (sorry for the pun), by which I mean as good as the TourSpeed in the long game and better in the short game. My conclusion combines my perception of feel, sound and outcomes.
    Hope this helps
  15. Denis C

    Denis C

    Thanks JT,
    That's exactly the info I was looking for. Appreciate the reply and the detailed post
    Good golfing,
  16. Denis,
    You're very welcome.
  17. Tosh.


    PIcked up a box of 12 and I’m gona smash then right doon the middle this wkend........
    American golf has them for £6 cheaper than pro v’s...
    Must admit though I do like the AVX, i got a wee sleeve from the pro shop just to try and I do like them....
  18. Tosh,
    Let us know what you find after you've "smashed them right down the middle..."
    I've got a feeling you'll prefer the AVX...
  19. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Thanks for a great review JT

  20. Deno,
    Here to help....
    I'm off to try to see if I can do any better with them tomorrow - still have 9 of the little rascals left.

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