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By Martin H

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  1. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Tried the T100S out earlier today whilst at my club in pretty much my specs. They felt great and better than my 718CB's. I'm going to get fit properly early next month but wanted to see if anyone's got them, what they think and what did you change from? Thanks.

  2. I had the AP1 716 and went for a fitting with titleist and wanted the T100’s but he ended up recommending the T100 because of the flight and spin and way I hit the ball. So having a fitting is the perfect way to find out if you need them or something else. Had my new clubs a couples of weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with the T100 although have to get my yardages right again as not a strong as loft as others.

  3. shiney28

    South East, England

    Still waiting on my 7-GW in T100-S (T200 in 5 & 6 iron). Ordered on 11 July (heads out of stock until 27 Aug), going into them from T100 (5-GW).
  4. Kevin H

    Kevin H
    Bury St Edmunds

    shiney28 said:

    Still waiting on my 7-GW in T100-S (T200 in 5 & 6 iron). Ordered on 11 July (heads out of stock until 27 Aug), going into them from T100 (5-GW).

    how do you find the gap between the 6 & 7 iron?(27-34deg) as the 7 in T200 is 30deg
  5. shiney28

    South East, England

    I haven’t got them yet. I’ve had the T200 6 iron bent 1* weak, playing 28*. The T100-S, 7 iron is 32* stock. So a 4* gap between those two clubs, and 4* gaps going up to the wedge.
  6. shiney28

    South East, England

    UPDATE: T200 (5 & 6 iron) both bent 1* weak, T100-S (7 - GW). All 1* flat. Ordered on 11 July, arrived 2 September. Can’t wait to hit them tomorrow evening
    Post Image
  7. Fabulous looking set up.
    I'm a combo set user myself and think it's the best way of getting the best fit for your needs.
    It may initially be a bit of a faff juggling the lofts but it's worth it.
    The overall look is brilliant on your set up - you can tell they are "related" and it doesn't detract from their appearance - in fact it enhances it.

  8. I've got them and love them, originally went from JPX900 forged to the T100 a degree strong. Then when the T100s came out I managed to get the heads swapped as these are what I would have bought if they were in the original line up.

    Couldn't be happier with them, still enough forgiveness and distance, but look and feel insanely good. Best iron on the market IMO.
  9. When did you order the T100s?
  10. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
  11. Still waiting for my t100s 4-9. Ordered them on August 18th. There's a delay with the heads apparently so could be 2nd or 3rd week in September. Can't frigging wait.
  12. Just got mine delivered on Friday - and have to say they are great, love the lower offset than the AP2! Just feel amazing. Just got to get used to the new yardages with the different lofts.
  13. When did you order?
  14. A bit late to this one, but I went for a fitting and the t100s were the ones that I ended up ordering; in my opinion the feedback and feel was much so much better than the other clubs I tried at the fitting. I went for 3-pw.

    Current clubs - TM.
  15. When did they say your clubs will be delivered????
  16. These delays have been unreal. Not sure why titleist continues to fit and take orders knowing they can’t be fulfilled.
    I was fitted and ordered 4-W and 3 wedges. T100s, X100 shafts, 1inch over std. I ordered July 25 and the wedges were there in 10days. On the T100s-Continually told delays and even switched to the black heads, titleist sent black head T100s on chrome X100 shafts, no good on the eye for me. Apparently the Onyx shafts are also delayed. The delays went from September to November for an estimated ship date. As of yesterday, still no estimated ship date. I asked my pro shop, why would titleist ship only a portion of my order?? Is the 4iron coming next?
    Titleist rep noted ALL order will be fulfilled in November. What a mess for all involved.
  17. I was told about 4 weeks for delivery but it has been four 4 weeks now. I asked the retailer if there was any update over the weekend but no news. I did go for the Onyx shafts so perhaps that's where the delays lie.

    I also separately ordered a u500 2 iron with the stock shaft but no update on that either.
  18. I posted a message this morning saying I was still waiting for delivery. It is now lunch time and I just received a telephone call from the retailer saying my clubs have been received by them and are ready for collection. I went for the AMT Onyx shafts.

    Well that is delivery in or about the specified timescale so well done Titleist
  19. Well things didn't go so well. Instead of the amt black onyx shaft they came with Amt black silver shafts. That is not was ordered.
  20. In relation for the original question, I have gamed the T100s for about 8 weeks now and found them great. This was my first upgrade for 20 years after being out of the game. At the time I tested a number of irons and felt that these met my requirements better, and not going to lie the slightly stronger lifts have helped due to my slightly slower swing speed. I was conscious initially regarding the turf interaction, and concerned how they would perform in reality, I needn’t have. The clubs perform great and after some slight swing adjustments finding the dispersion ( most important) has been better. I have found launch and spin characteristics are right where I want them offering plenty of control. Gapping between clubs is right on the money, although I have found I have had to carry and additional wedge to ensure top end of set is good.

    No issues with delivery, timeframes or communication. Couldn’t be happier.

    Updated to the the midsize tour bag now which have found great.
    Post Image
  21. Scott P

    Scott P

    Ordered mine mid July through a friend who is one of the pro's at the Carrick and still took nearly six weeks. There is a global upsurge in golf participation, coupled with delays in normal production lead times is leading to extended lead times on almost everything. Apparently the delays on Electronic trolleys and other major manufacturers is much worse than Titleist.

    Had original 690 CB's and now absolutely love the T100S
  22. Ordered 24th September. Still waiting.

    Also have a 3w coming but was told the head would only be arriving today (16/10).

    For what it's worth, shipping is backed up on virtually every good that is manufactured abroad.

    Some companies are taking a hit with air freight on low volume high value products, but most are content to wait it out due to continued strong demand. Since it was golden week in china last week (national 1 week holiday) you couldn't buy a sea slot for any reasonable money in September as everyone shored up inventory.

    Some computer parts are looking at middle of Feb before they clear September backorder.
  23. Updated my full bag line up,replaced my ap2 712 Irons and sm4 Vokey's with the T100s Irons 5 iron to PW and 4 sm8 Vokey's. 48,52,56 and 60 degree. Replaced my old 913 hybrids and 3 wood and 915 Driver. Gone for Ts2 range, Driver,3 wood and 21degree hybrid. The new Irons are a massive step up and are so much easier to hit. Would definitely recommend a fitting,to see what a big difference the new Clubs can do for your Game.
  24. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    Interested in spin rates of those using t100s.....Given rule of thumb that your mid and short irons should spin roughly 1000 times the number e.g. 7 iron spin should be approx. 7000 rpm. Are you guys seeing spin rates in line with that or are you a little lower because of the reduced loft? Also, are you finding that you're going to a different (probably lighter and higher spin) shaft?

    I'm currently playing TM p760's but thinking of trying some t100 (maybe s) or cb's.
  25. Hi, I got fitted for the T100S in July - was not looking for distance, it just than the launch was so much better with the T100S for me than the std T100. I tried the CB's but to me the feel was exactly the same so why give up the forgiveness. I still spin my 7 iron around 7100 rpm and that is playing KBS Tour V X flex to bring the spin down. I would say having played the p760's that the feel is slightly firmer so ended up changing the ball to accommodate that change. Overall the T100s are one of my favourite irons I have played.
  26. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Just a quick update guys and appreciated everyone's comments, another fitting with Chris from Titleist and we spent a fair amount of time trying the T100s and T100 up against my CB's.

    When I had a quick go with them in the summer they great and better than my CB's but tried every shaft going and they still didn't beat the CB's for all round performance, for me. So long story short, I'm sticking with my 718CB's for the time being and great to know that Chris and Titleist won't try to move you into something else if it's not better than your current set.
  27. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Seriously considering getting fitted for these, not that I need the distance but why not some extra eh.

    Any idea when the Titleist Thursdays are back ??

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