Putter Fitting - What's Your Experience?

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  1. An earlier thread about driver fitting made me stop and think... Can't think why I've never had a putter fitting. Putters are, seemingly, becoming more and more technical. Like most of us, I've got several putters hanging around the place. Blades, mallets, face balanced, toe hang - I know the jargon but am I using the best fit for what I laughingly call My Technique? I suppose we all assume that putters are more a personal choice than a selection based on science and process. We may even fall for the good looker... As if... I'm getting to the point where my putting and putter needs a review and this time I'm going to make a more pragmatic approach and consult the professionals. Has anybody been through putter fitting? Any tips? JT

  2. Darren C

    Darren C
    ., 0

    Yes, I booked a fitting in the Titleist fitting centre a while ago, (about 6 months after Trackman had the putting feature). I was a little disappointed at the time to find out that they did not use Trackman as part of the fit, as you mentioned the fit was all around “feel”.

    I was fit for the Newport 2.5, and he was able to tell me why that was the putter for me, even though that wasn’t my first visual preference.

    At the time I’d gone though 9 putters in 6 months, so the fitting was a piece of mind thing and to hopefully stick with the “fit” putter.

    That was a few years ago, I’ve bought two putters since, but recently have gravitated back to the Scotty.

    In the fit I was hoping for a SAM or Trackman fit, but at the time this was not the Scotty way.
  3. Thanks Darren. Think I'm just going to book it and see what happens.... I've got a Select Newport 2 but I'm drawn to the Special Select Del Mar - I'm just not sure if it would suit me and it's a bit expensive if it's not the right weapon.
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    I was Scotty-less before last years TT day at East Sussex and I was discussing the new Phantoms with the fitter. We had a quick 10 minute fit and he suggested either a Fastback or the Phantom 5 heavy.

    Still have the eBay notifications for Fastbacks but picked up a new Futura 5CB for £200 about a month after and loving it.

    Was thinking of getting this checked with a local fitter who uses Qunitec but as it's working well with my stroke I'll wait until the winter and do a putting overhaul and get some practice drills for the dark nights.

  5. Ant,
    Thanks for that - I've concluded that I need professional help... No stone unturned and all that...
    Will post my "journey" as it unfolds
  6. Gary S

    Gary S

    My experience with putter fittings has been mixed and this includes the purchase of a Scotty Cameron Squareback No. 2 at £265 quite a few years ago. When I decided to look more seriously at my putting, I did all the research and opted for a Scotty. Didn’t know which model would suit me but went along to a pro shop who stocked them and tried various models. Very little help offered from the shop and no tech available to test and check. Decided on the above model and loved the feel and look of it but wasn’t sure that the spec was for me, so decided to go and get this checked out at the St Andrews Golf Academy. As thought the loft, lie and length were unsuitable for my stroke and were all adjusted accordingly having been checked and tested on their Sam Putt Lab facility. This putter then went on to help me achieve two club championship wins in 2018. Each year at the start of the season I go back down to St Andrews Golf Academy to have the club checked over, as I’m led to believe the head moves over time and they adjust it back to my settings. This again is tested with Sam Putt Lab and on the green at the Academy. I have this year bought another putter and once again the Sam Putt Lab system was used and low and behold the new putter is virtually identical in spec to the Scotty. Just shows you how important fitting is and that the tech doesn’t lie, as long as you use the same system for testing & comparisons. Money well spent I would say in getting properly fitted, as the putter is the most used club in the bag.
  7. Thanks Gary. It's reassuring to know that if you know where to look and understand what you are trying to do, you can achieve your objective. I'm glad you see what I'm on about.
    My basic question is "Am I using the right putter?"
    Being fitted for a driver is now the norm - it should be the same for a putter.
  8. Tosh.


    I’ve never even thought of a putter fitting JT, I think you may have just cost me a few quid lol. I’ve a scotty squareback and yep I’ve tried a few other brands but always head back to my scotty........I wonder if a proper fitted putter would stop my roving eye
  9. Tosh.


    Or 3 putts.
  10. Tosh,
    Sorry my friend, I didn't mean to impact your wallet... Still, you're good for a few quid - I've seen your new bag!!
    Strangely, I'm putting well at the minute and draining some decent long and medium putts yet less confident from 6ft in. It makes you wonder if it's you or the putter so I'm looking for the technical reassurance that I have the right bat! I think my Newport has had its day to be honest. Think I'm evolving into Mallet Man... As long as it's not Timmy Mallet I think I'll survive.

  11. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Hi JT,
    I do a putting fitting session one intensive every year and two small checkups every 4-6 months.
    To give me more feedback on my putting and to see if the practice pays off.
    I go to the RJ Derksen put academy. He has a few bases in Europe incl. Dr. Paul Hurrion laboratorium in Birmingham, Engeland
    For me when I first approached I was like, maybe this is only for the really great players such as tour pro's etc.
    But when playing over 175 rounds a year I want a bit more feedback on my golfgame.

    This topic is putting related. So I keep it in this thread. If you want to go more into details about the academy send me a message and I reply.

    I see many players pick a shape of putter what they think fits their natural stroke.
    Better skilled golfers or players who use their putter for alignment prefer to go for a more square shape and mechanical necks putters.

    Of course the eye want something as well. In order to keep it simple to understand.
    How to find the perfect putting stroke? Well in short, if you had a putter with 90 degrees shaft on it the putter would go straight back and straight through. Well guess what, there is no putter in the world who has that. There is always at each putter a different loft and lie. Creating the arc for putting.
    The rules in golf tells you can't have a 90 degree putter. (Rules of Golf). Look up yourself if you want to go deeper in there. But the putter must have at least 10 degree lie angle. Now the thing is, as soon as you have lie angle.. YOU HAVE ARC.

    Now, next is HOW TO CHOOSE THE PUTTER? I can hear you guessing, where to start and what fits right for me. So after explaining upper above, ask yourself: What are you trying to do?

    Are you trying to have a arc stroke? Then the old fasion blade styles are more into you so Newport series.
    If you are trying square to square (so a bit more straight back and forward).. you look more into a square neck putters.

    Big swinging arc would have short necks then the putters series to to a more taller and more forward neck. These putters have a bit more face balance towards to the sky. So the design of the neck and the position of the neck, the bend in the shaft, and the placement of that shaft & head will tell you how the putter will hang, and that hang will tell you what it's going to do in the arc of putting.

    Pick a putter for yourself, that will create a stroke you desire. Simple as that. Than work with a fitter into that putter in more specs.

    Titleist St. Ives fitting center has a Scotty Cameron option for putting. My advice contact the team and get yourself fitted. Keep us posted on the result.

    Swing & put well, kind regards,


  12. Barty,
    Nice to hear from you. I think I've gone at least some of the way to meeting the approach you set out.
    I've booked a fitting session to accurately assess the true arc of my putting stroke and break-down the mechanics of what I do. This should provide indications of the most appropriate putter type. That might not be an expensive issue as I have a variety of putters at home.... I might even have a clear-out after the event!
    Armed with that data, and confident that I have the right putter, I feel I can build up the process. I've found a well-known specialist putting coach less than an hour from home. I had the mistaken impression that these specialists were only for the pro's but they are easy to speak to and more than happy to work with club golfers. I've already had some instructional videos from them and the prospects look good.
    I'll take your advice and have regular check-ups going forward.
    I hope to update as I go on.

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