How much Titleist gear have you owned?

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By shiney28

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  1. shiney28

    South East, England

    Pre 2013, I’d dabbled with Titleist........over the years prior, I’d had a 975J Driver, 690 mb. irons, and a range of putters (Bullseye, Studio Stainless Newport Beach (2002), Red X (2004), Studio Stainless Broom Handle (2004), Studio Style Newport 2 (2006), Studio Select Newport 2 (2009), California Del Mar (2012).

    Since 2013, everything has been Titleist in my bag.........913, 915, TS (Driver & Faiways), 913, 915, 818, TS (Hybrids), 712 AP2, 714 AP2, 718 AP3, T100, T100S/T200 combo (irons), SM5, SM7, SM8 (wedges), and some more putters, Futura X (2013), Futura-X 7M (2016), Select Newport 2 (2018).

    By my reckoning I’ve had 4 x Drivers, 3 x Fairways, 4 x Hybrids, 6 x iron sets, 3 x Vokey sets, and 10 x Scotty Camerons.

    I’d like to think I qualify as a ‘Team Titleist’ member!

    How much Titleist gear have you had?

  2. So far I have and still keep the following
    2x Drivers (917 & TS2)
    4 x Fairway woods 917 & TS2
    2 x Hybrids (818)
    3 x Irons (918 AP2, AP3, T100)
    6 x Vokeys SM6, SM8)
    2 x Scotty C
    3 x carry bags
    1 x cart bag
    Various accessories and caps

    Total Titleist and can’t give any of them up!!
  3. 915 driver and 3 wood, TS 3 driver and 3 wood, 816 hybrids x2, 3sm7 wedges, 3 Sm8 wedges, AP2 716 irons, AP2 718 irons, 4 Scotty
  4. New to the game my titleist gear currently consists of 712 ap2 irons, cap, ball marker and the odd ball i find
  5. Shiney,
    Yeah, you fit the profile alright... Including my current Titleists I've had: -
    6 x Drivers, 8 x Fairways, 8 x Hybrids, 3 x Iron sets, 3 x TMB/U500 irons, 12 x Vokey wedges, 5 x Scotty's

    I'm generally OK with my irons but nothing else is safe. I've been fitted for all sorts...

    Have to confess that over the same time I've also "Lapsed" into an assortment of putters - the search for the Silver Bullet - (perhaps 10) the latest miracle wedges and even a couple of drivers that failed to live up to their advertised technological advances..

  6. I game a full bag of Titleist so...

    Oldest items I still game are Circa 62 No.3 and 913 3 wood.
  7. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I’ve been 100% Titleist since I got my first Vokeys. A set of AP2s followed soon after, closely followed by some 913 hybrids, then a 913D2.
    I also went on a journey with Scotty Cameron’s - first a centre shafted Red X, then a Squareback, finally settling on a 2012 Notchback, which has been in my bag ever since.
    So my bag is currently 913D2, 915F, 915 and 913H, 716 AP2s, SM6 wedges and the Notchback. I use Pro V1X, wear SciFlex gloves and may just have a little collection of Icons! I also wear Pro SL most days when I’m actually at work...
  8. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    wow, 6 iron sets in that period of time sounds like a lot. Have you changed spec and shafts at the same time? Interested to hear whether or not you've seen much improvement from set to set.

    Admittedly I'm not Titleist head to toe at the minute but I've certainly dabbled with a fair few pieces of kit, I'll not list it all but some notable mentions for me include:
    975JVS, 915D3 drivers.
    906f2 fairway wood.
    690cb and 690c.b. irons, 735cm's still my all time favourites though.
    A lot of Vokeys, I have an affinity to the Oil Cans though.
    Even more Scotty's, best OTR line for me is still Studio Stainless.
  9. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Yep Shiney, my first were even before metal-headed drivers, the days when woods were made of wood. I should make a list but i don't want to max out the storage of this website. Nice thing about qualifying as a Team Titleist member is that we accept all Titleist enthusiasts, those that have been long-time users of their equipment and those just getting started or switching over after finding salvation. Really neat that you posted your list and have been proudly utilizing this great equipment for some time now. Hopefully many more years of product enjoyment. Hit'm straight and stay safe!
  10. James Harris

    James Harris
    Brentwood, Essex

    Similar to Geoff, mine is:

    3 x Drivers (913, 917 & TS3)
    3 x Fairway woods 913, 915, 917
    2 x Hybrids (818)
    3 x Irons (714 AP1, 718 AP3)
    6 x Vokeys (SM4, SM6)
    4 x Scotty C (Newport, 2xNewport 2 and 5.5M)
    4 x carry bags
    2 x cart bag
    Too many caps for 1 head to wear!!
  11. Hey James, youve got a problem ha ha!!
    BTW - I'm not too far behind you, you trump me on the putter front and Driver only.......
  12. Too many! 983k, 905r, 909d2, 910d2, 915d3 then went to dark side (soz), 690mb (still miss them!) original ap2, 714mb, 716cb, 716mb, so many vokeys from 200 oil can series. Many scotty’s from Newport pro platinum. Then usual pro v1’s, hats, gloves, bags etc. looks strange when don’t have Titleist in bag...
  13. I feel a wave of nostalgia coming :o)

    Drivers (983K, 915, 917)
    Woods (975, 980, 906, 915)
    Hybrids (816)
    Irons (990B, 690MB, 718 AP2, U500)
    Wedges (Triple Grind, 200-series, SM6)
    Putters (SC Studio Select Newport 2)
    Balls (Balata, Professional, ProV1, ProV1x)
    Bags (Sunday)
  14. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    Hmmm, my first Titleist club was a 975F 3 wood way back in 1999 / 2000...

    Drivers - 975D, 975R, 983K, 905T, 909D2, 910D2, 913D2, 915D3, TS3

    Fairways - 975F, 980F, 906F, 909F, 910Fd, 913F, 915F

    Utility - 910H, 913H.D, 915H, 712U's, U.500

    Irons - 990, 690MB, 735.CM, Z.B Forged, 712 CB/MB, 714AP2, 718TMB's, T100,

    Wedges - Raw, Oil Can's, Spin Milled, SM4's, different sets of TVD's, SM6, SM7, SM8

    (also have a Vokey collection with over 170 tour used wedges, 9 staff bags, 1 stand bag and loads of accessories)

    Putters - my first was an original Pro Plat Newport Midslant, went on to PP Del Mar 3.5, then tour Del Mar's Tour JAT, various different Ltd's. Now gaming a Tour Centre Shafted Fastback since 2013.

    (Cameron collection has over 50 putters, lots of tour used ones by the likes of Rory, Ross Fisher, Chris Woods, etc, no idea how many covers, stand bags, ball markers etc!!)
  15. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Tom - was waiting for you to chime in !!!
  16. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    I hate to think really and not sure I can remember but Drivers:-

    983E, 905R, 909D2, 910D2, 913D2, 917D2, TS3.

    Fairways usually matching the drivers.

    Irons 690CB, DC1762B, 690.MB, 680, 660, 735CM, AP2, 710MB, 716MB, 718CB.

    Wedges, lots starting with some oil cans and currently a mix of SM7's and TVDs but nowhere near as many as Tom Costello's, see above.

    Lots of Scotty's with a mix of OTR's and CT's and have probably owned most if not all the different Napas that have been made.
  17. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    915, 917 and ts2 driver
    915, 917 and ts2 3 wood
    816 and 818 hybrid
    714,716 and 718 ap2 irons
    50,54,60 SM6
    50,54,60 sm7
    3 x Scotty Cameron putters
    Two tour bags
    4 towels
    6 hats
    At least 20 dozen pro vs
    A couple of Titleist ball markers and pitch repairers
    Just off the top of my head, I’m sure there is loads more haha ️‍♂️
    No1 in the game for a reason
  18. John Strachan

    John Strachan

    The collection so far and sure to be added to as as we speak am thinking of the TS3 Hybrid ‍♂️

    Driver x3 905T, 915, TS3
    3 wood x2 915F, TS3
    5 wood x1 915F
    Hybrid x1 818H1
    Irons x2 916 Full set TMB’s, 918 AP3’s
    Wedges x6 SM6 x3 SM8 x3
    Putters x2 Studio design 2.5, Phantom x 6str
    Balls Lots of Pro V1’s & Pro V1x
    Stand bag x6
    Cart bag x 3
    Lots of accessories like hats,ball markers, towels, drinks bottles

    And also love Footjoy Clothing as well as Shoes

    Think it’s safe to say I am a huge Titleist fan and will be for the rest of my days,
  19. Peter C

    Peter C
    Bedfordshire, UK

    First played the 975 driver. I loved it. I moved away to TM but now the whole bag is Titleist as they just provide a classic look that just doesn’t age. There’s no continual promotion of ‘tech’ or hyperbole.
    4 Scotty’s, 915’s fitted by Danny Poulter’s team, now into the TS series and loving them.
  20. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    My first Titleist irons were DCI Gold, which were second hand. I then bought a new set of 990 and they are still in the loft. I progressed to 690 CB and CB 710 before AP2 (714) and now I have AP3 (718).

    Also I had a 1 iron in both the DCI and 990.

    With respect to wedges I have had loads over the years and I have not always been true to Titleist, as I used to use the Cleveland wedges as did loads of others. But I have had various combinations of SM4, 5, 6 & 7 and some Vokey wedges in the late 90 early 2000.

    The woods have included 975, 983K, 909, 910, 915 and 917 Drivers,

    Pro Trajectory, PT Fairway and 910F 3 Woods. in fact I still use a D910. I have purchased 4 now all new, even if they have been old stock.

    Hybrid have included 910 & 915. I did have a 818 but I prefer 915.

    As you can imagine, I have had loads of e the bags, balls and accessories. In fact I still have an old umbrella, it must be 20 years old stilling in the shed.

    I remember my first balata ball back in 1984, wooow that make me feel old.

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