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By John Strachan

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  1. John Strachan

    John Strachan

    Hi All While at the TT northern region event at Slayley Hall. I was fortunate enough to have a good chat with the TT rep about putter and ended up choosing the scotty cameron phantom x 6 33 inch. However watch the European tour and American tour golf on TV yesterday, I didn’t notice 1 tour player gaming this design of Scotty Cameron putters. I was prepared to buy one but what’s fellow members thoughts on the new design putters. I am currently gaming a TM spider and always feel like I am cheating on my love of all things Titleist.

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  2. John,
    Feel your pain... I sometimes sneak a png Fetch into the bag if the greens are quick in place of my Scotty M2.
    My quandary is that I wonder about a T22 Teryllium for an all-round softer face but I'm not sure...
    If the Project X floats your boat then be confident in your selection - If it helps, Mark Crossfield has just taken delivery of one (custom shopped!!) and has put out on YouTube. Think you'll like his conclusions!
  3. Cant say im a fan of the phantom design, prefer the Newport range (bit of a traditionalist) but if it works and the putts were dropping id go with it. Probably the most important club in the bag and if the pros find one that works they tend to keep using them
  4. I always played a blade because I thought it just looked right. One of my buddies who's a +2 told me to try a mallet. Played it for about a month to give it a fair shake and didn't notice an improvement so went back to my blade.

    Going back to the blade was a joke. It felt like I was trying to hit a blade 1-iron off the deck. Playing what fits the eye is important but these big mallet heads make the game MUCH easier. Being able to hit the ball all over the face with minimal drop off on roll is something I can't play without.
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    It's what suits you and your game.

    I worked with the Titleist specialist at the East Sussex event and came away with two options, a Fastback or the Phantom 5 (heavy) both looked good to my eye and obviously the feel off the face was different between the models. Another Phantom model was suggested but it just didn't suit my eye.

    Just because it's not seen on tour doesn't mean it's not a good putter. I'd love to be able to use a Newport 2 but it just doesn't suit my putting action.

  6. Lefty


    Hi John, what AntD said..

    It's down to what you putt well with, what feels good to you and what gives you confidence when playing with it.

    Golf is about finding the equipment that works best for your game and a club that compliments that is the one you want, not what the majority have in their bag or view as the go-to options.

    Looks like a pretty cool putter and a similar size and shape to your Spider so hopefully the transition is smooth.
  7. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    It doesn't matter who else plays it, or even what putter it is. All that matters is that you are confident with it and can put the ball in the hole with it.

    To me you are looking for an excuse not to buy, perhaps you aren't ready to give up the spider yet?

    I've had a few putts with one of these, though I'm a Newport putter man, and they certainly seem to roll nice.
  8. John Strachan

    John Strachan

    Hi everyone
    Thanks for the advice I can now confirm I am the proud owner of a scotty Cameron phantom x 6str putter, looking forward to getting out on the course with it
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