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By Paul D

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  1. I got custom fitted in American Golf (in Ireland) on August 14th for T100 / T200 irons combo set. I ordered the clubs on August 15th and I'm wondering what is the expected delivery time for these clubs. Thanks.

  2. I ordered my t100 around the same time and they arrived today!
  3. Thanks David. Best of luck with them.
  4. jamesies


    I was told today my order would be 7-10 days (working), I ordered my t100s on 21 Aug.
  5. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    same here, fitted at St. Ives on the 14th and ordered on the 15th. Nothing has arrived yet but fingers crossed for today.
  6. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    My T100's arrived with my pro yesterday, U500 to follow (soon hopefully!!)
  7. Hi Paul, which store in Ireland did you order from?
  8. Hi Luke, it was American Golf in Cork. Thanks everybody for the responses.

  9. Milos V

    Milos V
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    I was on fitting for T200 at St. Ives on Aug 8th and placed order on Monday Aug 12th and I still did not get them. I hope my new T200 will arrive soon as they should be ready for shipping before Aug 30th.

  10. Kev2177

    england, 0

    I ordered my T100's and U500's on the 20th, I am being told 23rd September for the U500's and next week for the T100's.

    Titleist advised retailers of the U500 having troubles but nothing about the irons.

  11. Thanks for the response Kev.
  12. Golf clubs arrived yesterday. Played a few holes yesterday and they felt great. Played again today and on the 5th tee while hitting the T200 4 iron the head flew off the shaft. You can imagine my shock and disappointment. Back to Titleist the 4 iron needs to go. Disappointing!
  13. T100’s arriving tomorrow!
    Exactly 10 working days as promised
    Brilliant work and service Titleist
    I just hope I can do the clubs some justice !!!

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