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By SHughes

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  1. Has anyone on here been part of any footjoy product tests? I’ve been asked to take part in a test in September at the st ives facility and just wondered what might go on ️ .‍♂️#teamtitleist

  2. Robert


    Sounds like a fantastic day mate

    Probably a Footjoy product like shoes Gloves etc may be given to you to test and they will be looking for your feedback.

    Amazing Opportunity

  3. SHughes,
    Nope, didn't know they did testing of FJ products in this way...
    Let us know what happens.
  4. Nope haven't heard anything about this. Hope it's a very enjoyable experience for you and the other lucky ones.
  5. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    Hiya Scott.

    Congrats. Are you on the FJ forum too or did this come from your TT activity?

  6. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    The opportunity was posted on social media
  7. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    You need to follow FJ Europe on social media, there was a link which if you were interested and available linked to a survey. Then you were chosen from that survey.

    I applied last year and this but no invite.

  8. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    Haven't been to a FJ event like this Scott but I think they will be showing you some new stuff inc the Hydro knit jumper which looks great in person. Probably get a sneak peek at some of the winter range or even the spring 2020 range.

    Wouldn't be surprised if you got some goodies to use and give feedback on!
  9. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    I would add, make sure you're wearing good socks! about 15 years or so ago a friend and I had a fitting at St. Ives and then a tour around HQ. FJ were doing laser measurements of your feet to make sure you get the right size! We had a go and when my friend took his shoes off his big toe was sticking out of his sock! haha
  10. That’s brilliant Tom

    my mum always told me to never leave the house without good socks and pants

    Yes I’m looking forward to it and it’s something different to do on a Monday also I might see if I can blag 18 holes round the course to check the layout ahead of the team titleist st ives event ‍♂️ Catch you then Tom
  11. Yeah, "in case something happens and you end up in hospital" was the maternal rationale for clean smalls...
    I used to say that in hospital, they tend to cut your clothes off for speed and ease... but it made no difference - Rules are Rules!
  12. brilliant
  13. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    FJ and Titleist hand and hand,
    Simply the best!!
  14. Hi team,

    Quick update for all interested,
    So Monday was the day I participated in the footjoy product testing for the 2020 shoes and clothes.upon arrival at st ives golf club we were shown to a board room and supplied coffee this is the point where we were made to sign a non-disclosure agreement and told not to photograph any of the products so unfortunately guys you won’t be getting and sneak peaks from me .once the legal stuff wa sorted we were taken to the titleist fitting centres range for a briefing on the clothing and 2 or the 2020 shoe line where we were asked to give feedback on the products and test the shoes,these were as you would expect from footjoy shoes a joy to wear and swing in.during the session Luke from team titleist attendedtye Range with the new T-series iron for us to have a hit with and I must say these were lovely lovely clubs(do not hit these clubs unless you are ready to buy as once you’ve hit them you can’t go back )
    After this session we went back to te board room and got taken through all the prototypes for 2020 and asked to give feedback.cant say a lot but some nice products coming our way next year.
    Once the testing was complete we were given lunch and offered a round at a discount rate ️,to anyone attending the team titleist regional event at st ives this is a tricky course with a nasty wind you can’t get away from,I started with a birdie which was nice then 2 pars but by about the 5th hole the course started taking its shots back .
    Thank you to the guys from footjoy and titleist for my involving the normal golfer these sessions are a great insight to what really goes on in the golfing product world
    I’ve added a few pics of the course but no shoes due to the NDA
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
    Post Image
  15. SH
    Seems like you had a great time!
    Look forward to the new gear - FJ have really made progress - particularly in shirts - in there last couple of years and I look forward to adding more to my ever-expanding collection.

    PS The pictures could be Portugal!!!
  16. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    It was windy when I went up to St Ives last year and thought with the water and rough that the course would be a challenge in those conditions.

    Looking forward to the new FJ shoes. Having tried others FJ are the only shoes that seem to fit me.

  17. Wow thanks for that. Really glad you enjoyed it. I do think it's great Titleist & Footjoy include regular Joe's in there testing.
  18. Craig Fryatt

    Craig Fryatt
    Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire

    similar to the bag tags ive never seen anything about this

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