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By Alex

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  1. What do you think the best course in England is?

    You hear a lot about Scotland's and Ireland's golf courses but not so much about what England has to offer.

    I'd like to read your thoughts.

  2. I like that question, Alex. I have just moved from Scotland to England, and would love to understand which courses in and around London are nice (and accessible). All the best, /M
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    depends on what side of London you are looking...plenty of good courses in the Surrey belt.
  4. Other than the obvious open venues, some of the links courses in Cornwall are a must. St Enodoc is top of my list
  5. For me it’s got to be Woodhall Spa. 2 great courses both different from each other. Super practice facilities and plenty of accommodation options.

    Location is a little out of the way but so worth the effort.
  6. Sunningdale New and Old would be up there as the top courses I've played in England. As Adam said above The Open venues are all worth a look (including Royal Cinque Ports as a former Open venue).

    One of my favourite courses which is not high profile is Royal Cromer in Norfolk, fantastic links course with some stunning views. Has anyone played there before?
  7. Robert H

    Robert H
    Rochdale, 0

    Played it yesterday Luke. What a cracking course!
  8. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    I always find this a hard question to answer as ive played some top end courses which I didn't think lived up to the hype and ive played some lower profile courses that I've thought were great.

    Im with Luke, love Royal Cinque Ports, fantastic links course, prefer it over Royal St. Georges.

    St. Georges Hill is a great course, Royal Ashdown Forest, The Addington all really good courses.
  9. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    I really rated Bearwood Lakes when we played The Cameron Collector event there a couple of years ago, really good layout and was in impeccable condition.
    Stoke Park has a lot of romance and prestige to it, and each time I've been there it's manicured to perfection.
    Silloth on Solway is a really interesting track and a great links course.
    Staunton Golf Club in north Devon has 2 great, challenging courses too.

  10. Trevor P

    Trevor P
    Brentwood, Essex

    I love different courses for different reasons. As previously mentioned Royal Cromer, Sunningdale Old and New, and Royal Cinque Ports are great courses, as is Woburn.

    But some of other little known courses, including Swinley Forest, New Zealand both are steeped in history, and you feel special when you walk onto the tee.

    Silloth on Solway so isolated but so beautiful and challenging. Played the worst round of my life there and couldn't wait to get back.
  11. blair


    I’ve never played them but the courses at Sunningdale look awesome!!
  12. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    It's a difficult one and I guess accessibility and budget come into the equation. I'd also put the welcome you get from the club.

    I prefer the more traditional course design rather than the USGA type that the newer course designs follow.

    Best I've played - Wentworth East, Walton Heath, Woburn Dukes, Camberley Heath, West Hill, Wentworth West (before it was ruined by E.Els), and on the newer style Woburn Marquis, St Mellion Nicklaus, Bearwood Lakes just creeps in as it was in excellent condition but it isn't readily accessible.

    Some real gems like Huntercombe and Farnham Sands are well worth a visit.

    Booked to play Royal Porthcawl next year but that's in Wales and I guess another conversation thread so we should include our friends in the west...
  13. Robert H

    Robert H
    Rochdale, 0

    There are lots and I haven't played many including those mentioned, but the ones I have played then Woburn, Alwoodley and Woodhall Spa were fantastic and links courses that stand out are Royal Birkdale, Hillside for me. Hoping to play Royal Cromer in a few weeks.
  14. Thought about this but have concluded that it's too bloomin' difficult....
    Have liked some courses for the memories, the company, the weather, the facilities, the food, even something during the round that has made it memorable (eg a "Barnes Wallis", Flapping, a Sandy,).
    But that's "Memorable", not necessarily "The Best"...
    Still can't decide...
  15. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

    Nice and interesting topic Alex.
    For me the best golf courses in England I split that in 2 sections.
    - Normal courses
    - Links courses

    Simply because I think links golf comes out of the UK it gives me memories from all the past 20 years on tour.

    I like courses such as Sunningdale, Wentworth, Woburn, Selsdon Park when we talk about links courses... in England.
    There are only 3 best: Starting 01: Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club, 02: Royal St. Georges, 3 Royal Prince(s)

    When we talk about Scotland I like: Arbroath, Letham Grange (re-make of Augusta, US) the have the exact same holes, it's like a copy of Augusta in the US. So fun to play! But also I like St. Andrews, Kingsbarns, Carnoustie.
    Balmoral is a nice course too and challenging too. You will be surprised how many great golfcourses there are in Scotland.

    Ireland. I like Royal Portrush the most.


  16. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Romford, 0

    *Princes isn't a 'Royal' just Princes!
  17. MattW

    Thetford, 0

    For me, it has to be Sunningdale. The old and new courses are spectacular, the place is steeped in history and it’s a special place.

    I am sure there are more out there...I just haven’t played them yet!

    Also, I have not grown fond of links courses, so would never pick one of them....need to play more of them too!
  18. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    I’m up in Fife Bonny Scotland so I’m spoiled for courses on my doorstep.
    Last week I played Goswick with a few mates, it’s a cracking track.
    Hoping to play a lot more down south the next couple of years.
    Play well and enjoy all!!
    Team Titleist for the win!!
  19. 2 courses that have stood out for me has to be Royal Birkdale which was just stunning. The views the walk and every small detail around it. Also recently visited Woburn which I thought was a outstanding lay out. 2 courses I would highly recommended.
  20. Of the courses I have played other than open venues I would go for:

    England: Hillside GC
    Wales: Harlech GC
    Scotland: Trump International Aberdeen GC
    Ireland: Portmarnock GC
  21. MattH

    Peterborough, England

    I played the Brabazon at the Belfry last week. I’ve not played many “world class” courses, but that was absolutely the best course I have ever played.
    Post Image
    Post Image
  22. Ahhh this is a course i want to play so much. That green looks fantastic!
  23. This is on my bucket list next year. Did you book it though a 3rd party website or though The Belfry.


    Simon Worsfold
  24. AntCatt

    London, 0

    Sunningdale or Walton Heath are probably the best I’ve played but if you want a little gem, get up to Royal Worlington. Only 9 holes but a brilliant 9hole course that some regard as the best 9 hole course in the world
  25. Paul Y

    Paul Y

    Really enjoyed playing Woburn (Duke) this year ... a really special venue.
    Following from AntCatt I'm playing Royal Worlington in a few weeks and looking forward to it - not very far to travel and has always had a good reputation with one of its par 3's getting into many "top rated" lists even though it's a 9 holer.

    Will hopefully tick Lukes recommendation of Royal Cromer off at some stage (have previously enjoyed playing nearby Sheringham and this year (thanks to TT) Hunstanton.
  26. This is my first post guys so be nice with me!

    One of you mentioned Silloth up in Cumbria. It is by far the best value links golf course I have ever played. It is out the way but well worth the journey. It is a hidden gem if ever there was one.

    Right now, Hillside in Southport is my favourite course, but I have a feeling that this may change come Monday, as I have been invited to play at Royal Birkdale! (Hillside is spectacular by the way). As you can imagine, I can’t smile wide enough at the moment, but before I get there I have Skipton (North Yorkshire) to play later today. Another new course for me, but I’ll be using it as my warm up for my special day at RBGC on Monday.

  27. Geraint I

    Geraint I
    Hook, 0

    So many great courses to pick depending on what style you prefer, links, parkland, heathland.
    Personally best I played is Woburn , all three are wonderful. Helped that I had a good day and weather was great when I played .
  28. St George’s hill got to be one of the best I played recently, always in great condition.
    Offers lots of different challenges, being hilly and greens are always very quick.
    Then again there are so many great courses!
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