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By SDickie

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  1. While watching uspga golf last night I noticed various staff players using new staff bags. Are there new bags coming out in the near future

  2. People are trialing some bags at the moment but not staff bags. Pros are on the front line and they're bound to receive the latest gear. All these events are televised so the products get a lot of exposure.
  3. New staff bags at the FedEx this week, looking good. Also a new premier stand bag to replace the old staff stand bag.
  4. Bart van der Does

    Bart van der Does
    The Netherlands

  5. Saw these as well looked very smart indeed.

    Until I get to the stage I can’t carry anymore I’ll be happy with my stand bag.

    Got to be retailing at least £250+ for these new cart bags.

  6. All,
    There is an article on the Tour bags on the latest Golf Monthly on-line publication...
    Euro pro's will be using them at Wentworth.
  7. Paul Y

    Paul Y

    yep - saw the Golf Monthly article, the bags look very smart indeed
  8. Absolutely class looking bag!!

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