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  1. Booked in to the Titleist Fitting Event at ForeGolf Chester on Friday (9 Aug)... All the new irons, Utilities & hybrids all waiting to be "tested"... Rigorously!! May even get to grips with a Teryllium 22 putter - It could be the closest I ever get to one. Seems a bit like finding the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Will perhaps post my feelings over the weekend - After I've calmed down.

    Think places are still available if you want to join in, but other venues are available - Look under the Fittings tab at the top of the page. What are your experiences of these Fitting Events??


  2. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Tried booking into a full fitting event near me but all places taken so have booked a Titleist Thursday for next month which is 1 hour drive away.

    Not sure if I'll get the clubs ordered and delivered before the Team Titleist event at East Sussex later in the month.

    Anyone else finding fitting events are FULL ...any ideas why?????

  3. Ant,
    Possibly because they are so good!! Had a great time on Friday with Fraser from Titleist at ForeGolf. He's a great pro, a good listener and a credit to Titleist. He checks & shares the Trackman data adds your own feedback and suggests options and tweaks until optimum performance is achieved.
    With a van-load of alternative shaft options, the time per session was tight, but nobody was "cut-off" because of time restriction. It was relaxed in terms of moving down the range and carrying on testing.
    All the new stuff was there and available to order. Delivery is due on the official release date - think that's 30th of August. How does that fit with your timetable?
  4. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Well I phone 3 times to check for any cancellations and even called in at the pro-shop on the morning but not only were they fully booked but apparently they were trying to fit more people in before the scheduled start time.

    Not sure how it went as there were lots of showers and a few rumbles of thunder and when I drove by I couldn't see anyone out on the range.

    Roll on September and see if I can get my TSh order in time for ESN and perhaps some time to try the T irons.


  5. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hi JT,
    I’ve just been to Close House near Newcastle for an iron fitting as too impatient to get an appointment at the national fitting centre(Craigielaw)
    Tried CB/T100 & T200
    Project X LZ, NSPro 105 & AMT White S300 shafts.
    I currently have AP2 718 with AMT White S300.
    Loved all three irons but T200 were a bit chunky for me but felt/sounded better than AP3s that they replace.
    CBs and T100 are lovely and could easily blend together for a combo set.
    T100 just nudged it as they’re a little more forgiving than the CBs and would need to adjust the lofts to match.
    Gained 5 yards on the 718s which I wasn’t expecting.
    I tried the TS2 23 Hybrid with Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 as might swap 4 iron over depending on the type of course, that was great also !
    Order in and can’t wait.


  6. Gaaary,
    I know it's a bit sniffy but I wasn't too keen on the design (for want of a better term) on the back of the T irons. I'm from the Keep It Simple school and liked the unfussy, lack of embellishment on the 718's.
    I've currently got AP2 PW-8 & AP3 7-5 on AMT red plus T-MB 4 iron on Dynamic Gold. TS3 driver TS2 3&5 woods.
    Thought the CB's were glorious but I'm not sure if I'd be able to maintain the gapping at the top end. Would have to trial them to be certain... T100 was sweet. The T200 seemed to have a reduced off-set which seemed to keep them straighter and a bit longer than my AP3, which was a bit of a surprise. T300 was just too darn big and clunky for my taste!!
    Have not upgraded the irons (yet) - didn't see enough benefit this time round.
    I've been waiting to see if the new Utilities would be an improvement on my trusty 4 iron... but they weren't. Didn't like the acoustics of the U510 and was not convinced the U500 was as flexible as my current 4, so I was a bit disappointed.
    However, the TS2 21 was a belter!! Have just jettisoned my 818 for the 5wood but this TS2 has revised my opinion of hybrids. 40" Hzrdus shaft was, as you say, fabulous, and fits in with the shafts on my other woods. Cranked up some impressive ball speed (for me, anyway) with this monster and it was cheaper than the U's.
    No brainer there then...
    Roll on the 30th of August.

  7. JEALOUS!!

    I’m going on my holidays to Turkey in the next week but I’m down for a Team Titleist day at St Ives when I get back with a added bonus that I will be getting a work bonus so UPGRADES to the bag will be coming thick and fast.

    How did you find the TS2 23 Hybrid. Did it come of the face super quick? Have you owed a Titleist Hybrid in the past Gaaary!
  8. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Hi Simon,

    Yes, I currently have 818 H1 19° & 818 H2 23°,
    Both are great, I’m keeping my 19 as it’s off the tour.
    The TS2 23° felt great with the Hzrdus Smoke Shaft that matches my fairway & Driver shafts.
    I’m still getting a 4 iron to replace my 23° hybrid for different conditions/courses.


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