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By james m

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  1. james m

    james m
    South wales

    I currently use a set of ap3 5iron-gw and use a 4 &3 hybrid I’m thinking about dropping the 4 hybrid for a 4 iron as I’m hitting the long irons on the ap3s so well. it makes sense to me to put a 4iron back in the bag but don’t know what to go for anyone compared a tmb long iron vs a ap3 thanks in advance

  2. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    The new utilities will be released shortly, I'd hang off. Seen something else in the flesh today but have been sworn to secrecy but oh my word, can see a new set of irons in the bag soon.
  3. Stuart,
    Sounds expensive - and intriguing...
    Post when you can break the "Omertà"
  4. I'd stick an AP3 4-iron in there based on the confidence you describe in how you're hitting the rest of the set...
  5. james m

    james m
    South wales

    I’ll hang on for the new utility’s I think but starting to think just matching up a ap3 4 iron to match the rest of my set
  6. James,
    I've got AP3's 7 to 5 irons and have spent some 18 months trying to solve the 4 iron conundrum.
    I had T-MB 3 & 4 to cover up to my woods so the economic, sensible option was to hang on to them.
    This, however, is golf clubs so the "What If...?" scenario rules, and sensible goes out of the window.
    My 3 iron (+ hybrid) has recently been cast aside, partly to fit in a 5 wood and another wedge...
    I hit the AP3 5 iron and the T-MB 4 iron well so, like you, I'm going to see how the U500/U510 performs
    and decide what to go for after that.
    I think the AP3 4 iron is significantly cheaper than the U500/U510 but will see how enthusiastic I get over a Utility iron with a Project X Hzrdus Smoke shaft...

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