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By John Strachan

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  1. John Strachan

    John Strachan

    Hi everyone I am after some help/advice I recently sent my 2018 staff carry bag back to Titleist for a strap fault where they very kindly replaced the strap, But since receiving it back the legs keep dropping and catching my legs when walking, to the extent that I am considering selling the bag with a heavy heart as I love it. Does anyone know how I can fix this so the legs stay closed in the bag, when I have it on my back. Also could it be down to how the straps are set as it seems a coincidence that they have been change and this has happened

    please help if you can

    I have attached a photo of the bag so not to cause any confusion

    Post Image
  2. Lucky you. I tried to buy a replacement set of legs because a leg broke and they don't sell them. I have only had my bag 10 months and they won't sell me legs. No more titelist bags for me. Unbelievable.
  3. Why haven't you sent it back? You don't buy a replacement you get a whole new bag under warranty.
  4. Hi Ty, our bags come with a year warranty attached so if this has a fault then you can get this replaced under warranty.
  5. SKillen



    I occasionally have a similar issue with mine. I've found that if I stand it upright on the base before putting on shoulders I have no issue but sometime if I pick it up straight onto my back it doesn't retract properly. Almost as if the clubs inside stop the base returning into place correctly.

    -- Sean
  6. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I have posted several times on the tension strap issue. If the legs droop, tap the tension band upwards to tighten. You may need to use a hammer as the band is usually on there pretty snugly.

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