2019 Hybrid 5

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By Ricky F

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  1. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    Just thought I would post my new bag that arrived yesterday.

    Post Image
    Post Image
  2. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Nice !
  3. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Nice bag but what is that sticking out the top lol
  4. Looks great mate,but what’s that driver headcover doing in there,it’s like putting a balaclava on a super model
  5. Do I see Taylor made in there? bag looks nice, can’t bring myself to change mine yet
    Post Image
  6. Ricky,
    V. nice - Can't quite make out... is it 4, 5 or 14 slots??
    What made you decide on this model?
  7. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    Mine is a 5 slot. I used to have 4 but wanted a bit more separation. Decided 14 would probably annoy me , and that it creates more club knock potential as with the 5 a few clubs sit together meaning they move as one rather than knock into eachother.
  8. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    Re the driver comments - It was bought before the TS models came out, never got on with the older model Titleist, though the headcover will be changed soon to disguise it!!
  9. Tosh.


    Nice,think I’m gona try the hybrid 14 though.

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