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By PCronin

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  1. Looking for info on the essential travel cover, heading on a golfing trip overseas soon and need to buy a suitable travel cover. Naturally I looked at what covers Titleist have but there is only a photo of the outside of the essential cover. What I'm looking for is a picture of the inside of it to see the level of protection and the number of pockets. The club glove cover is outta my budget!! Thanks in advance!

  2. We borrowed one for Portugal in January looks the business! Couple of issues it doesn’t lock down tight it has a lot of loops that don’t look the most secure.Loads of pockets for bits and bobs there not a lot space when everything is in but we did take tour size bags if you have the money I’d buy it it was our first trip away so we packed a lot experience next time we pack better
  3. Simon s

    Simon s
    St leonards on sea, East Sussex

    I have this travel bag and it is perfect. Unlike the other response I find it keeps everything in position. The furthest I have usdd it is to mslaysia and the airport staff at KL arent gentle with bags as we saw. Get a bagbiy back bone as they add that extra bit of security for your clubs. In all a great teavel bag.
  4. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    Hi PCronin

    If you check this link

    You will find my internal pics of the bag. My only reservation about this item is the way the head protection is set up, for me not as good as my 10 year old Titleist flight bag. I can get my stay dry trolley bag in no problem with multiple pockets for othe items like shoes and balls, web straps are sturdy and strong. Please note this bag doesn’t lock the zips I added little padlocks. Any other help just ask


  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    I notice that some of the pro's remove the heads from driver, 3 wood, etc to reduce the height of the bag and they had nice little bags for the heads....

    I'll do this next time and tape the lose shafts together with and alignment stick.

    Happy hols.

  6. I have the Titleist essentials travel cover,it’s done the job so far,the wheels make it easier when you have more bags to carry
    Advice I was given when packing was to take heads off my driver,3wood and hybrids and put them in their headcovers and put them in bag pocket somewhere then just put shafts in bag like normal and put bag rain cover on,that way if bag turns upside down it’s not landing on longest clubs.I also put a broomstick in my bag as this will take the load if bag is tipped upside down
    Enjoy your trip
  7. Thanks for all the info, it's great getting positive feedback on a product before purchasing. Taking the heads of the driver and 3 wood is a great idea!!
    I had read in other reviews online that the loops on the zip aren't the most secure so I'll invest in a small pad lock.
    The cover looks great and it will definitely stand out on the bag carousel at the airport!! The last time I went on a club organised golf trip to Portugal the majority of golfers had the same bag cover!! Its akways nice to stand out!
  8. Would be great if Titleist brought out a Hardshell case and the ideal one would have our favourite TT logo branding

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