2019 Titleist Gear Catalogue

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By Luke R. Team Titleist UK

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  1. Hi Team Titleist,

    As promised I have attached a link to the 2019 Titleist Gear catalogue below for you all to view before the products release, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Kind regards,


    Team Titleist


  2. Loving the personalised section of the magazine. Luke when does this go live?

  3. Hi Luke
    What’s the up charge for personalisation on carry bags and can you have TT and own name on it
  4. Wow really glad the lightweight cart bag has gone bag to the older layout of pockets definitely a smart move. It's the main reasons I bought a new older bag instead of the 2018 cart.
  5. Stephen L

    Stephen L
    kettering, na

    Hi Luke

    Looks good! Bags look professional and not over-complicated for choice!

    Like the surf stripe caps and the new towels.

    is there any way of getting hold of the extended range of headcovers like in the USA? They have some great designs available.


    Other than that, another great year for Team Titleist!

    Thanks, Stephen
  6. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Great news thanks Luke.
  7. Tosh.


    TT Hybrid 14 carry bag fir me I think.
  8. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Thanks for the heads up Luke.
    Some nice new gear available for the coming season.
    Do i order the customisations through my local Titleist Pro ?


  9. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Hell yes,
    That’s what we’re talking about!!
    Can’t wait to start ordering
    Team Titleist goodies galore.
  10. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Some feedback about the merino wool performance beanie: Great looking, absolutely terrible interior material, never stays in place and always slides forward walking/playing. It has a silky kind of material inside and honestly is very poor at staying in place, just a heads up and apologies for slagging gear off as it's not something I say lightly.
  11. Love this hat and never had this problem I live mine
  12. Declan R

    Declan R
    Wexford Rep Of Ireland

    Thanks Luke.....Looks great.
  13. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    There is some great stuff in there, thanks Luke
  14. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Thanks Luke. I see you've dropped the 4-UP Sta Dry carry bag this year, any idea why?
  15. Hi Luke

    Some AMAZING goodies for all , did we expect anything less.......

    When will these products be available to us followers and where can we purchase ?

    But more so how do we get our hands on " TT Customised" goods...... if you can provide a link where we can purchase and order that would be great

    Heres to another season looking good on the course

  16. Great stuff, loving the steel coloured bags ... and I love a beanie :)
  17. Robert H

    Robert H
    Rochdale, 0

    Thanks Luke. All gear looks great. So much choice.
  18. Cheers for the heads up, 14 way TT bag for me- how can we order? And can we add a name?
  19. Love the new style cart bags! when are they available Luke?
  20. if you go onto the American website you can see everything on that.
  21. Hi guys,

    The catalogue will be going live in the next few days, some bags are not released until March but you will be able to check this with your retailer.

    The upcharge on the personlisation will depend on the product and how much detail you go into, there will be minimum order quantities should you want to have the TT logo put on. I will be sitting down with our team in the next few days to discuss if we can make the TT logo'd accessories more available to you guys. I'll let you know any updates in regards to this shortly.

    Kind regards,
    Team Titleist
  22. Good to see that Titleist UK are listening to the community.
    It's such a shame that our American cousins get all the goodies as Titleist is really missing a trick here.
    I'm sure our European members would also like the opportunities the guys in the US get.
    So Luke - lots of questions in the thread for you to ponder
    Looking forwards to your reply.
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