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By Ricky F

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  1. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    Considering joining Club Cameron this year, does anyone know how much extra cost is involved for people from the UK?

  2. Tosh.


    Is there a club titleist similar to the Cameron one?
  3. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I’d be interested to know as well. Something I’d be extremely interested in, but have been put off by the potentially high additional charges.
    It would be fabulous if such deals and other merchandise could be ordered from Titleist U.K.
  4. Brochblue72

    Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

    Cost of shipping at about $40 plus you will have import duties and fees. Works out at about £150 - £160 in total for kit and fees.
  5. Hi Ricky,

    I can only speak from Ireland but our VAT rate is nearly 25% so it kills the idea of it. I have often paid €50-80 customs tax after been from Scotty Shop.

    I send the stuff to my mate stateside now and he sends it on. Saves alot of hassle and money

  6. Ricky F

    Ricky F

    Thanks for the reply, I've got family in Canada it might work out better for me to send it there then.

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