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By JCrowder-Barton

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  1. Does anyone change their selection of golf ball as the temperature lowers towards freezing?

  2. SKillen


    I have changed this year from ProV1x to Tour Soft Yellow, primarily due to the colour which I find easier following in flight in the winter months, and also due to cost - the wetter conditions usually result in losing more due to plugging in wet areas and more get lost under leaves in the trees.
  3. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I don't see the benefit of changing personally. I use Pro V1X all year, as it performs best for me.
  4. Christopher W

    Christopher W
    Oxford, UK

    I'm usually a Pro V1 player but have found that (for me) they spin too much on softer winter greens. I recently tried the AVX for the first time and was really impressed with it. Very good 'drop and stop' type action, so just getting a nice bit of grab rather than zipping back 10 feet or more, something that isn't particularly useful for us amateurs. Nice greenside spin and feel off the putter. Was really happy with how the AVX flew through the air when hitting longer clubs too.
    I've got a couple dozen Pro V1's but will be swapping some of them out for AVX's for the remainder of the winter - however long that may be! I'd imagine once the greens start to firm up again that I'll swap back to Pro V1.

    I'd definitely recommend trying the AVX if you haven't already done so.
  5. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Was only thinking of this last night as the greens are gone a lot slower and I was leaving every putt short. I always play the pro v, might give some other Titleist balls a try.
  6. I'm liking AVX at the moment

    I find the ball flight lower and penetrating, maybe that's just me?

    Great to be playing in January
  7. I used to do this over the winter months playing nxt tour s. But now I just stick to the nxt tour which is my preferred ball.

    It’s the best ball that suits my flight.
  8. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    I've tried using other balls like tour softs or cally supersoft but they aren't for me, I just use my older prov's and keep the newer ones for summer.
  9. Declan R

    Declan R
    Wexford Rep Of Ireland

    I always tend to play the Nxt Tour or Dt Trusoft during the winter months...
  10. Depends on the course for me, if it's my home course I tee off with old balls and keep a ProV1x in my pocket. I play the V1x into the green then as I feel this is where the balls does its job the best.

    I understand people will say it's stupid but my course is very wet and I learned the hard way using good balls that plug and disappear.

    If on the Links I'll play V1x all day as they are alot firmer.
  11. Yes - I move to Velocity in the winter, mostly because I've got a few boxes of them and I don't want to waste my best ammo in the "off-season". As someone said above, it's only too easy for balls to plug or hide under leaves at this time of year.
    Now we only have 3 minutes to find the little beggar, more losses are inevitable.
  12. Tosh.


    Now we are on winter greens(fairways) on my course I just play anything I can find and keep my tour softs for when the better weather is back as the putter is rarely out because the ball just goes wherever on the “green” I’m just out to keep swinging through the ball.
  13. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Luckily my course isn't prone to waterlogging and plugging and leaves don't cause a problem either so I'm still using up some V1x's I have unless it's windy on a comp day then my AVX's come out.

    As our comps are usually early starts I keep the balls indoors the night before a keep one in my pocket swapping them every 2-3 holes just to keep them warm.
  14. I've been using a sleeve of volvik matte finish ball this winter so far. They are so easy to spot.

    I have the pink version... Yeah I know lol. But seen as I haven't lost any yet I think the colour is perfect for winter golf.

  15. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Really Pink Volvik….My club pushed the Volvik Matte and it surprising how many have been lost as I've been in serval groups when there been a pick up... I disagree on the Pink as well my Mrs uses Pink (not Volvik) all year round and perhaps it's me but I find them no easier to spot... So I get blamed for any that get lost...
  16. Tried the Volvik matte Red in Portugal last summer - in my defence they were a present, not my own selection! - and found that you couldn't follow their flight against the green of trees. I assume that either pink is easier to follow or you have no trees on your course!!
  17. Martin H

    Martin H
    Wokingham, Berkshire

    Nope I stick to Pro V1 all year round.
  18. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    DT Trusoft for me all year round, but as Stuart said, the older ones in the winter.
  19. El bandito

    El bandito
    Bonny Scotland

    I’ve switched to yellow AVX only cause they are easier to see in these winter conditions.
    Roll on this year for yellow pro v balls.
  20. James H

    James H
    Essex, 0

    I have been using the yellow Tour Softs on occasion as they are much easier to see. The Tour Softs are a great ball as well.
  21. I don't change balls at all - stick with V1x all year round.
    What does happen is that I use a ball for longer before I pull a new one out.
    It is winter after all...........

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