Upgrade to the new TS2 Driver?

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By Gary Forde

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  1. Gary Forde

    Gary Forde
    Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire

    Hello fellow TT members.

    I thought I would post this to try and gauge what folk's opinions are on the following.

    Just the other month, I went to a Titleist Thursday event and got fitted for the new TS2 Driver. This would be a possible upgrade to my current 915D2 driver.

    I hit an average of 210-220yds with my current 915D2. After various different tweaks and adjustments, it turns out that the TS2 would give me an extra 12 yards in length, and a slightly tighter dispersion.

    However, the cost of the Driver being £450 (and a very low trade-in price for the 915), makes it quite an expensive upgrade. Now, here lies the dilemma........... Is the £450 worth it for an extra 12 yards and a slightly better dispersion?

    I reckon I have 4 possible options to make a decision on, and I would like to gather TT members opinions.

    1: It's worth the 12 yards, so just bite the bullet and pay the £450 for the new driver, and try and trade-in my current club. 2: The £450 cost outways the extra 12 yards, so don't upgrade. i.e. too expensive for the gains. 3; Hold off for a few months, and hope there is a price reduction of sorts. 4: I look at the other manufacturers out there, and see if there is a better option/lower cost (ps: this really is the last option, as I don't want to move from the Titleist family, as all my set-up is all Titleist i.e. irons/bag/balls/putter etc)

    Please feel free to offer your thoughts on what you think I should do.

    Regards Gary

  2. I’ve just recently received my TS2 driver. Fitting showed gains of 20yrds carry. (Vs a G30)
    On course is showing even bigger gains with better decent angles with less spin.
    I’m a better player (3hcp) and I’m hitting it beyond hazards that have always been in range.
    Best Buy I’ve had in years.
  3. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Surely only you can decide whether it's worth it or not. I also went from 915 to TS2, do I think it was worth it, absolutely 100%
  4. Gary,
    Seems you are wrestling the eternal triangle - heart v head v wallet...
    Professional fitting would establish the best option for you. You need to consider on-course testing the "fitted" TS club to see if the upgrade is actually beneficial to you. If it doesn't out-perform your 915 then you have your answer.
    Historically, Titleist normally update on a 2-year cycle so prices should hold for about another 12 months.
    Incidentally, part-ex values on 917's are through the floor (£80 for a good condition) so I wouldn't expect much for a 915 unless you sell it privately.
  5. El bandito

    El bandito
    Bonny Scotland

    100% go for it!
    Ts2 and ts 3 wood best woods I’ve bought, I love them!
  6. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    Obviously discount option 4! A gain of 12 yards with better dispersion is hard to argue against, so I'd bite the bullet and go ahead with the purchase.
    With a properly fitted driver I don't think you're likely to see a similar gain with a future release, so it is likely that you'll have the club in the bag for a long time.
    Go on - treat yourself!!
  7. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Not that keen on the new driver myself but love the new fairway. Maybe I’ll give the driver another go but I’m hitting my 915 really well. See what happens during the season.
  8. Treat yourself
  9. I switched to TS3 having been with my 913 driver for 5 years.

    It is probably giving me more confidence but by way of performance much of a muchness on the course.

    When I buy a new lunch box for my kids they always eat more. Perhaps this is the same with any new club and we all know that confidence is a perhaps the biggest factor in all amateur golf performance.

  10. Tosh.


    12 yards for £450 is a no no clubs are now a ridiculous price,the hard working man is getting out priced and like me needing to go down the second hand route but that said I’m looking to get fitted ASAP and who knows I might blow the credit card for 12yards.
  11. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Tosh. said:

    12 yards for £450 is a no no clubs are now a ridiculous price,the hard working man is getting out priced and like me needing to go down the second hand route but that said I’m looking to get fitted ASAP and who knows I might blow the credit card for 12yards.

    Now a silly price ??

    I paid £450 for the cally Biggest Big Bertha over 20 years ago so expensive drivers isn't a new thing.
  12. Tosh.


    Also I’ve now stopped trading my clubs in as you Just get offered really silly prices, I try selling them privately and get as close to what I want as possible or keep them. They cost me to much money to let go for next to nowt.
  13. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    It's a real dilemma. I guess the underlying questions are what do you want from your game? Is it social, local comps, being the longest driver or just having the latest equipment. Then how much do you want to pay for these? Could the money be spent elsewhere on your game, lessons to give you that extra 12 yards, or wedges or putter to improve the short game?

    If you're desperate to upgrade there are TS2's out there on the second hand market, but are they in the spec you've been fitted for and are they genuine?

    Happy golfing whatever you do..

  14. Gary Forde

    Gary Forde
    Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire

    Okay guys, just giving you an update on my original post.

    It looks very likely that Option 4 will be happening.

    I went and had an initial hit of a driver from, let's just say a "Snake company", I.e. the black and yellow driver that has just been released by them.

    The initial hits of this suggest that it is giving me better stats than the TS2, plus it is £100 cheaper!!
    I'm heading back on Friday to get properly fitted for it, from one of their fitters, NOT a shop fitter.

    I also think that the RRP price that most companies now seem to be releasing their drivers at, is just too expensive.
    this is not just Titleist I am talking about, but all the main manufacturers seem to be coming in at this starting price.

    £100 less for similar or better stats makes it a better option.

    I'm not leaving TT, and will still be in the Titleist family with all my other clubs and balls being Titleist.
  15. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Hang your head in shame
  16. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Not judging you on your choice … we all have our reasons and you have to weigh up the cost benefits. Just put the 915 headcover on it...

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