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By Kevin K

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  1. I have ap2 712 irons. Was thinking about upgrading but was told the 712 was prob the best year and haven't changed much since then.

    Is this correct? What's your thoughts?

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  2. I upgraded to the 718's this year. I combo'ed AP2 short irons with AP3 long irons and they are both fabulous.
    I love them to bits - they look so good, feel exceptional and perform brilliantly... when not subject to "Pilot Error".
    I think they are an improvement on the old models but that's only my opinion.

    The only way to resolve your dilemma is to get the bats in your hand and try them for yourself.
  3. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    I can’t speak for ap2 712 irons,
    I’ve had ap2 714, ap2 716 and now have ap2 718.

    I loved my 714’s they were just awesome,
    I upgraded to 716’s when they came out, but didn’t think they were as good as my old 714’s.

    I have not long upgraded to the new ap2 718’s and they are just unbelievable.
    I love everything about them!!
  4. Titleistuser I play ap2’s 716. Lovely set of irons, play with midsize grip and amt gold stiff shafts.

    Lovely ball flight and look amazing behind the ball.
  5. Hi I have the AP3’s and love them
    They are great looking long and forgiving and have improved my game
    As others have said try them out all the 718 range is fantastic but I liked the sleeker look of the can’t go wrong!!
  6. Gaaary

    Blyth, Northumberland

    Best advice is go and compare them against your old sticks. You might be surprised what’s changed in 6 years of testing.
    Try and go to somewhere that hits outside just to see your ball flight with trackman.

  7. david s

    david s
    South Wales

    Hi Kevin,
    I suggest get yourself booked on the next Titleist Thursday and take your old clubs with you, you can compare your 712s with the various new heads and shafts, and your fitter will help you select the best for shaft and head for you. You can see the results on trackman as well as visual, it costs you nothing but your time, no obligation to buy so if there's no performance improvement then stay with your 712s.
    Hope this helps.

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