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By Kevin K

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  1. Does TT just randomly send goodies of do you have to apply for them? The tees, cups, hats, pitch repairer etc all look ace and would love some.

  2. Hi Kevin
    Best way to have a chance of some TT goodies is to be active on the forums
  3. I think you need to be a regular posted on TT as far as I know. That's what seems to be the case on TT Facebook page
  4. Steve W

    Steve W
    Tooting, London

    I’ve seen a few posts from those lucky enough to receive these ‘random/surprise’ deliveries
    I’m a pretty regular contributor, both on forums and in social media, but haven’t ever received any TT goodies.
    Would love some bits and bobs...
  5. Stuart M

    Stuart M

    Brand ambassador, swap shop, now begging for goodies.

    Come on fella, have some dignity.

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