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By SAnderson

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  1. SAnderson


    After playing a 917 driver for the past 18months I decided it wasn't quite working for me as I was getting more consistent results with my 913 3-wood, so got booked in for a custom fit session with a local independent fitter. As I have a Titleist bag, woods and towel already, I was asked if I had a preference to Titleist but I actually don't (I love Titleist's customer service and the community, but I want what's best for my golf game, not just what's stamped on the club). The easiest thing to find out was that my existing shaft (Fujikura Speeder) wasn't working for me and that the Mitsubishi C6 Blue was better, then I tried a variety of heads from srxn Z795, to png G400 to cally Rogue then to the TS2. It was clear that the TS2 outperformed the rest and the numbers showing on the Trackman were a no brainier. I was getting 10-15 yards of carry and 15-20yards total distance as well as 7-9mph ball speed. Compared to a club which I was 'fit' for at one of the most well known golf shops in UK its a big jump, but I just need to work out how I can afford the new club. Hopefully Santa is good to me this year

    Merry Christmas everyone #TeamTitleist

  2. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Hello buddy,
    I’ve struggled the last few years with drivers too.
    I went from TM stage 2 woods not fitted for me, missing a lot of fairways to getting fitted for my 915d2 about 270 yards back in 2015 at my local golf club Titleist fitting demo day.
    Wow talk about night and day,
    I lost 15 yards but started hitting fairways for fun win win!
    This lasted till 2016 when I stupidly went out and bought the new TM M1 after hitting it over 300 yards on the fitting range at Linlithgow.
    That club lasted 1 month in my bag,
    Every 2nd drive was going out of bounds grrrr.
    Back to 915d2, then the 917 came out!
    I went to Kings acre Titleist fitting centre,
    after about a hour I was dialed in.
    There was not a big difference with my 915 to 917d2 5 yards extra distance.
    I was happy with this, but you always want more haha

    So 2018 cally brings out the Epic,
    Up to St Andrews for a fitting 300 yards drives wow I’m sold.
    2 months in my bag and it’s still not behaving grrrr
    Back to the trusty 917d2.
    I then had a test of the cally Rouge from my local pro,
    but nope same as the Epic, it’s not for me!

    Then the holly grail came out Titleist TS drivers!!
    Hi ho, hi ho, Back to Kings Acres I go.
    A couple of hours later, TS2 5mph faster than 917d2, 15 yards further 285 average drivers, wow I’m in love!!
    I can’t wait for next season to start,
    I know my handicap is going to tumble!!

    I’ve posted a screen shot of last weeks me playing on the golf simulator at my course.
    The TS is awesome,
    Well done Titleist!

    Team Titleist for life!!
    Post Image
  3. Agree on the TS woods, I was fitted at Carton House, got the TS2 driver and the TS3 16.5 fairway. They are both performing very well, played 18 today after a bit of a lay off, the woods performed superb, the rest of my game not so lol. I have always struggled with a fairway wood off the deck but the TS3 IN the 16.5 really works very well for me!!
  4. I too am mighty tempted by the TS but I've struggled with the big stick despite being "fitted" for years.
    I was OK with 913, was inconsistent with 915 and detested the 917... so I strayed, lured by TM advertising.
    I should have known better - after all, I'd had a TM bubble shaft years ago - caveat emptor. I got shut of M2 asap.
    Have had the use of a png G400max with a 3wood shaft this season and while it's fairly well-behaved, it is many yards shorter than I'd like or what I used to get with 913/915
    This makes me wonder about the 45.5" shaft length of the current generation of drivers.
    I'm not tall and I suspect my inconsistency may be partially due to these ever-longer shafts.
    Reckon I'll have to settle for sub-optimal distance to allow me to hit the odd fairway.
  5. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Loving my TS Fairways, after an initial couple of rounds to get use to them of varying lies and ground conditions they are both behaving well. Long par 4 and par 5's are now my favourite holes...
  6. Declan F

    Declan F
    Wexford, Ireland

    Currently trialling the TS2 fairway 16.5 degree dialled down and absolutely love it. Honestly say it’s the first time I’ve ever got on with a titleist 3 wood.

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