Headcovers, the future ?

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By NMortimer

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  1. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    Dear Titleist and TT members

    There have been quite a few discussions about the latest headcovers and their fit and feel etc. I have also noticed in the ' In the bag' photo's how many people have chosen after market covers albeit Titleist ones. I have a TS3 fairway, 917F and 818H cover and choose not to use any of them on a daily basis, rather the black leather ones (they fit well and look fantastic) and the Titleist sock although the pom pom it so large it pulls the sock down ! In addition there seems to be a large following for the sock type bottom to protect shafts etc.

    How about the leather type top with a sock bottom ? I accept the cost would go up at the manufacture stage but a small extra cost does not seem unreasonable when it is protecting a Titleist club. Any other thoughts out there ? Nick

  2. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    There was nothing Wong with the old 910D3 head cover still being used today I'm sure they could do the same for TS range with different colours and printing, they fit well, protect the shaft and easy on off
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  3. Have to say I had trouble with 913 head cover - it was far too tight and consequently took ages to put on/ take off.
    Got so fed up with it that I used a generic from my golf club!

    I'd probably use the generic Titleist leather covers if I could decide if I preferred the black or the white!!

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