A Change for Winter (Yellow AVX's).

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By Dave H

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  1. Dave H

    Dave H
    England United Kingdom

    Played today in damp, cold and frosty conditions and because of the frost decided to use a Yellow AVX. I must admit the feel of it and it flight surprised me. Had a very good feel off the driver, and travelled well in the cold air. The feel of it around the greens also felt good and helped with the colour to find it against a white frosty ground. Scored well and will be using this again in these conditions. Back to the Pro V1 X's in the Spring and summer. A really good replacement for cold weather golf.

  2. TFisher

    Cardiff, Wales

    Dave H
    Totally agree, used the white AVX in the summer instead of my usual pro v1x, loved them changed to the yellow about 2 months ago, some of my local golf shops have sold out of the yellow and when looking online they are more expensive than the deals on pro v1/v1x so suggests they are very popular as a premium winter ball. I've hopefully got enough to see me through the winter until the 4 for 3 offers we usually get in March/April.
  3. AntD

    Hampshire, UK


    Good to hear the AVX worked for you. After playing these since launch and occasionally putting a ProV1 in play usually by mistake I can thoroughly recommend the AVX (as an Alternative to Pro V and X) especially when playing in the wind or if like me you tend to spin the ball too much off the driver and longer clubs.

    Last week I played at The Oxfordshire in high and gusty wind, and anyone who knows that course will confirm that makes the course long and tricky. Others in my group were surprised how straight my drives were into and in cross winds. Only one major fairway miss all round.

    One negative I'm currently suspecting is low strikes on the driver (917D2) don't seem to carry as far and I'm wondering if its due to low spin. Can anyone confirm if this is likely to be the case?


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