Changing balls in the colder / winter months

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By simon w

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  1. Here lots of people talking about changing to a softer ball in the winter months? Has any one tried ? If so did you notice anything different ? Me personally is it just the feel of the club face and consistently using the same ball that keeps it a little more simple though the thought process ? Any story's would be interesting to read .

  2. I've heard folk changing to a harder ball in winter as roll out is minimal. Last winter I used cally supersofts in winter but ganna just use my older used prov's this time round.
  3. Shoaib


    It's never occurred to me to change balls as the seasons changed but I do notice a big difference in my stock distances and ball flight as Winter sets it. I put it down to one of two things; my swings changes a touch because of the additional layers I've got on or something clever about cooler air/air pressure etc
  4. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    I like to play the Dt Trusoft in the winter rather than my normal ProV1x, tend to loose a few due to very soft(read soaking wet) fairways and howling winds. I'm a typical tight Scot.

  5. I just play the prov1's that I've found when the weather isn't crap.

    They usually tie me over until spring.
  6. People always talk about Compression! Compress the ball to get the most out of the distance and control, my thoughts are the longer that ball is sitting on the fairway it's getting colder and harder by the second, so losing feel of it would have me thinking.

    Maybe hit a few of each with different layers pro v, tour soft etc and see if there's a difference in feel.

    Thanks for replies TT members

    Ps maybe a ball fitter from Titleist could advise ?
  7. Tend to play a cheaper ball - accept increased chance of losing them in thicker rough / wet areas - plus feel it helps a bit of roll in the damper conditions

    Return to pro v1 when weather better and greens running more true
  8. AntD

    Hampshire, UK

    Great question... Some may say that you shouldn't change and should also practice with what you play so as to maintain consistency.

    Playing a ball of different construction may impact your feel around the greens, which is where most shots can be lost or gained. And playing an older ball (possibly with scuffs) may have impact on your flight and distance.

    At my course the winter is kinder as the rough is less penal and balls are generally easier to find.

    I switched to AVX this year but still have some ProV1's in the bag, which I've been using recently due to the calmer conditions, so my high spin is less of a factor. So I'm saving the AVX's for the winter comps when they'll be more effective in the wind...Oops that's just contradicted my opening statement...

    I guess it's down to personal preference and costs as none of us are getting balls from Titleist for free... The next question may be will you change other equipment for the winter, loft up for more carry and less roll, hybrid instead of a long iron, or will your clubs not venture out until the spring.
  9. I switched to NXT Tour S in yellow for last winter having tested them at the Team Titleist event as the Grove in 2017.

    I had always been a Pro V1x no matter what the conditions but changed for the winter as I like the yellow ball and the feel is comparative.

    I look forward to a yellow Pro V1 when its released.
  10. Hi TT,

    There is no need to change balls throughout the Winter as if the balls are cold/frozen, they will all be cold/frozen regardless of softness.

    Best practice is to keep the balls inside overnight and not for example in a car boot. This will keep the core of the balls in working order with no performance issues. If the ball starts off cold, it will take a long time to get warm as typically there is time between the shots rather than being frequently hit.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards
    Team Titleist
  11. JKissoon

    Ajax, ON

    I know a guy that boils water and puts it in a mini cooler, he throws a bunch of balls in there and then into the back of the cart basket.

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